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It is Thursday morning, June twentieth a couple of minutes now with Regina Quintas spokesperson, for the Columbus Education Association, Regina. I certainly don't want to put words in anybody's mouth, but it feels more and more like a teacher strike is coming for the fall. Is that the way it is from your perspective? Well, we certainly hope not. But if it comes to that we will definitely that as a tool to get our message across it seems like from the school board side, they're kind of already planning for it fifty thousand dollars on a consulting firm, money set aside for contingency. If you do go on strike, and then I've seen from your side of it, it's like, hey, why don't you instead of spending that money on? What potentially is a strike spended on us. And we won't strike exactly. This is money. Potentially of for a whole a whole. Teacher, plus a considerable amount of other. Or thousand. Add up when he think about it because we have over. Teachers in the city school tissue. So what are they planning to do with our kids? One of the things that it seems like almost an either or situation. We know that teachers would like to make more money, most people do we know to that class size is an issue, Regina. I'm just curious, if it came down to it where there was enough money to either give teachers a straw, I give a pay raise and avoid the strike, or we have more money, but we're going to put it into other teachers, so class sizes came down would could it be an either or could it be hey, to get more money or smaller classes, or does it have to be both? I think that option is on the table. I mean, we, we need or staffing, and they announced that the board meeting that they were going to increase staffing, and safety and security, and they actually had a all of blue line security, officers there, two black teachers from sitting in on the meeting, and it's really kind of a different message. We want to kind of sent the idea that we want to stop the end of school to prison pipeline, and we want to encourage different disciplinary action order to help our students to do better. But we're not going into same direction. It feels like going in a direction that it's actually against helping our students rather than achieve that goal, Regina. Quintas our guest spokesperson for the CA is there, a sense of their more talks coming in the near future, Regina? We're actually at the table today and we'll be there for, you know, a good portion of today, negotiating again. So we'll get an update after today on. Gotcha. And is there a date of because, you know, school, we know what school starts end of August? So if like we don't have an agreement by August one we strike is by August. Ten is there is there, any sense of a date at this point? so our contract ends as of august nineteenth which is the first day of classes for columbus city schools that does not mean that on that day and we strike what happens is that they call a meeting for us to boats put in a ten day notice and after the ten day note or a vote you put in the ten day notice in our membership as a collective will decide whether or not we strike so it is possible that we will begin the year and proceed as normal but that a strike could happen once a year okay so first day of class the nineteenth that's when you have the votes so the strike could come as early as the twenty ninth exactly got it regina thank you so much for coming on a little clarity there we're gonna stay on that story through the summer regina fuentes with the columbus education association on newsradio six ten w._t._v._n. here's traffic and weather we update every ten minutes on the tens from Tempstar heating and cooling products. Coming in seventy east from the hilltop and accidents reported near three fifteen to seventy northbound improving off a thirty three after several disabled vehicle blocking the left lane here out of earlier problems, Twenty-three northbound still seeing restrictions under the south. Outer belt from flooding and to seventy eastbound ramp to, to, to twenty three north is still closed accident scene for the Arlington area, northwest boulevard, and chambers off of king and fifth. Avenues traffic brought to you by donate life, organ donors mix second chances of life possible. What can you make possible? Leave a legacy as an organ, eye, and tissue donor. Sign up today and the Ohio donor registry lifeline of Ohio dot org. Traffic and weather every ten minutes on the tens TempStar classic air. Your next update at eight fifty of Johnny hill. Newsradio six ten. a._b._c. six first warning weather another day of cloudy skies scattered showers and.

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