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North dakota high john. Welcome to the show. Hello john what can we do for you. So i have a word search question. I am enrolled in an online program for veterans who have gotten out of the military Or returned from a deployment and that program works with processing emotions. Things like that one of the things that talked about was that we're always feeling emotions or feelings feelings. Were working on trying to identify those and that emotion. I can't seem to identify is what i'm calling middle emotion and so i basically put all of our motions on a time line from one to ten one being you know clinical depression Something like that ten being. You know complete euphoria. But i can't figure out what number five would be. If you are dead center in the middle what would be the word for number five and I actually have. There's a peer mentor program on that Program and i chatted with somebody on there and we tried to come up with some words and and one of the words he came up with was insouciant which i really liked But i had to look it up. Because i wasn't familiar with it and The definition was free from worry or anxiety. And i was like yeah. That's still doesn't seem quite right. And so after i did that for kinda searched around for that for a little while. I figured i'd give you guys a call and kind of figure out and see if you guys had any ideas i agree. That insouciant isn't really the right word to me. It's a little more about carefree. And even when you should have care and cici's only neutral word that he came up with was also apathy. I was like typically apathy as associated more with the depression side of it. So that's a little bit more down towards that one side so it was at the tough. Were to come up with and you don't wanna use the word like normal because that everyone's normal is different right correct. What's wrong with neutral. Neutral is actually not a bad word. I not a word. I typically would associate with an emotion but but that could work. The other one. I was thinking of was the word zen z. E. n. year. It was 'cause i the way i.

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