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Him a little bit later a here's, a text from the two to five Bro. Horrible without you, actually called the station to check on your current employment, situation LL glad you're back we missed you Yeah well if you call it a check on my employment situation here I'm not sure are you gonna. Talk to, and I'd be worried about who you talk, to. Because some people may may tell you different stuff on that but anyways let's. Get. To what I. Did on Saturday And it was. On my, bucket list for years and years and years To go watch a professional boxing max You know some rag tag. Semi pro. Boxing match in some dingy, Jim somewhere, I'm talking about big time boxing match and I wanted to do here, in New Orleans since I was. Here but they just haven't had, anything, there was no big time, major boxing mid championship level event here. New Orleans since two thousand and two I was talking to Andrew Lopez dot com out here. At the law school fight on Saturday he, was telling us that when it's true so it'd been what. A decade and half since that, happened, so it was the local kids Ruger ru Regis. Program against one Carlos Velasco of Argentina I believe probably still pretty bummed about a soccer. Team on Saturday out at lakefront, arena and I will tell you what what an incredible atmosphere that was as. A sports fan really is a human but especially as a, sportsman pageantry It was kind of visceral human level watching to. Incredible athletes incredible fighters dual it, out, and especially when you're watching somebody here from the. City New Orleans who is in incredible promoter of the city in New Orleans and now. He is the still the world, title holder holder in reaches program as really had no problem with the Juan, Carlos Velasco first couple of rounds I was sitting next to t Bob Barron a couple of other people and we were kind of rating the matches on our own or rating say scoring the rounds on our own and we had, the first couple of rounds of draw I didn't actually look at the official scorecards to see what the the judges said but there's a little bit. Intrigued at the beginning but at the last couple around you saw that this is programs fight and I am not. Sure beyond what happened in the. Actual fight. Because it was actually pretty good finding the hometown. Guy one but I'm not sure that, I've had more fun at a sporting event here in New Orleans recently VIN that one mainly because I was. Actual fan so when I'm covering the saints or LSU or, any big, time basketball event. Pelicans almost all the time I'm there I'm sitting in the media box I'm working I can't be a fan focusing on other. Stuff this is one of the rare times but relatively few times here in the city able to attend a major sporting in in the city spe- fan And we were on the floor and I'm hope ESPN and I hope boxing officials were watching what happened there, at the lakefront arena because it was almost sold out the sections that they had open it was allowed people were dancing cheering having fun it was. Incredible it was absolutely incredible it's something I'd one or two for very long time and to say it's exceeded my. Expectations would be a disservice because..

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