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I'm crazy podcast. I'm your lovable host. Mark palmer investigator of all things weird researcher all things call journey into the mystic realms of the every day and the other world either way. And we're here today with randy. I call him randy tartari in because he's got a whole nother style. He's into tartari. He's into researching what they're really is to be seen when you take a look at some of these town hall buildings and churches structures that seem to have layers going underground or maybe were in places that have been dug up. It's fascinating stuff. And i was happy to have him on for his first podcast ever so we kind of went all over the place as he was definitely excited Told me he listens to this show. So it's cool. It's cool to have someone who's listened to some from my heart and soul my mind and i want to remind everybody that this is my purpose that i saw it out when i was younger. I was mentioned in psychedelics. Smoking weed every day reading these books. I told myself you know it's gonna find my higher purpose in align myself with that. I created that intention to help others to help the little ones the children and the animals and all the small creatures of the earth that create life that we all are so grateful for. I know i am so just a reminder folks set your intentions hi. This is a love cast. It's all love and show randy some love and kindness. Because like i said this was his first time. Ever on a podcast. And i think he was very very well researched. He had some really interesting pictures to show us a police. If you got the love bug like i do over the patriots dot com slash m. fdic and show some love. We'd love to see you there. Join the family and you know. That's where the scene is at synchro. Mystic exploration of the ever expanding now and on our latest journey we went to maka moody's state park and you can hear all the information about that on our patriotic as we heard some really interesting modest noises definitely google search that m. o. o. d. u. s. Noises either way. Enjoy this conversation with randi. The tartari and police will

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