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For the time being used basf against jacksonville thirty poin allowed as i think there is a much better chance of la not running all over and around the sea hawks defense but not been nearly as anemic i think it was 16 thirteen with five turnovers the last time those two teams played his exact term fixing ten in that game was in los angeles on that's a major homefield advantage but obviously is a tough challenge to go on the road to seattle and win at that stadium in that atmosphere i think la finds a way to be much more competitive offensively i think i still would pick this the sea hawks though in a game that you mentioned the patriots and steelers were the defacto maybe percy in the afc game list feels like the defacto nfc west championship in our nfc west title crown i guess whatever you want to call it the sunday brownsboro and thirteen facing the ravens and he chancery and have another winless descibing so yeah i think you're tumbling toward a l it it's it's ridiculous in is on fortunate in its thanks for the fans but a roster that bad quarterback play that unsteady yeah and there that devoid of playmakers were you know it's i think owns eksteen's it's were were were discount on the dais there's a parade for that own cleveland maybe certainly like no i think some of these can round about all fairly is actually happening almost sixteen approach the funny about the whole brown's thing in it and it it isn't funny but it is it's that because sashi brown's outta there endorsing the new gms in and he's just trashing the previous regime yeah bowie deeper dust is still there advice crazy so is this i gathering where he say they didn't draft any one yeah i i just saw the quote earlier on twitter his leg they didn't pick up they didn't draft real players that in the draft roleplayers okay guys are here before yeah okay so the fake players are on roster now they're still they're trying to finish out the season some of the people that helps scott out those fake players are are there and it could be the worst quarterback class in history in this draft and he would probably just take whoever the first guy was because of everything that's happened with the browns right and he the.

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