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Morning I'm Stephanie gains Bryant met small is our producer The top stories we're following today a tropical rainstorm is making its way off the east coast of Florida Heavy rain and thunderstorms hit Miami particularly hard But Miami mayor Francis Suarez says their resilient When other cities get hit with hurricanes they are devastated oftentimes because they have not spent the kind of money that we spend on upgrading our capital needs So I think we're a sort of a believe it or not a bellwether for the rest of the country and the world Total rainfall is expected to reach between 8 and 16 inches in South Florida The country's largest baby formula manufacturer says production has resumed at its plant in Sturgis Michigan for the first time since February The plant had been closed for months due to contamination that shut down drove the formula shortage the U.S. is experiencing now CBS News correspondent Christina rafini is at The White House with more The Biden administration says it's doing everything it can The president tweeted that the U.S. has secured another 33 million bottles of formula from Nestlé That means more than a 127 million bottles are heading to store soon But when that factory does start back up production of more standard direct to consumer formula it's going to take several weeks before you see it in the grocery store And that's not going to help moms and dads and families who need to feed those infants right now Heavy fighting continues in eastern Ukraine as defending forces reportedly pushed to retake parts President volodymyr zelensky says the situation remains difficult in the east with Russia continuing to pour its in troops there BBC correspondent Joe inwood is in Kyiv where Russia's defense ministry claims it destroyed tanks supplied by Ukraine's allies in missile strikes with the latest Life has started to feel almost normal in Ukraine's capital the thick black plumes of smoke rising over Kyiv as it awoke this morning were a stark reminder this is a city still at war The mayor vitali Klitschko said the explosions had taken place just to the east of the center in the danzi and nipro ski districts A Russian agent that was accused of poisoning a former Russian spy in London has himself died A Russian lawmaker says that Dmitri kovtun died from COVID complications The UK determined that kovtun and another Russian man killed Alexander litvinenko In 2006 and that Vladimir Putin probably approved the operation North Korea carried out the 18th missile test of the year earlier today Asian time South Korea's military says North Korea test fired a salvo 8 short-range ballistic missile toward the sea South Korea's joint chief of staff says the missiles were fired in succession over 35 minutes near North Korea's capital of Pyongyang It's unknown how far the missiles flew but South Korean officials say the military has heightened its monitoring in case the north fires more missiles China has launched a new three person mission to complete the work on its permanent orbiting space station Shenzhou 14 crew will spend 6 months in the tiangong station during which they will oversee the addition of two laboratory modules to join the main living space that was launched in 2021 Coming up after traffic and weather police are looking for a man who carjacked an ambulance in southeast D.C. It's 6 35 Meet.

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