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Don't realize is. Did there based on legends of darker characters? Okay. They're based on Greilich. They're based on cramp is based on the you'll cat there braced on the yeti. They're based on the window. I mean, you're out in the forest. You hear something growling at you at night. And you're thinking Bigfoot mountain lion. You're thinking something scary is going on. I mean, but, you know, back during the times of saturnalia and the usual, and of course, what we're celebrating tonight. And that is the solstice the stories ranged from Harry little people appearing under the stairs or beds during the winter months demons that walked the earth leaving behind footprints in the snow one particular story you. There's actually a story called the demon of Devon. And while the demon isn't necessarily linked to Christmas. It's most certainly linked to a known winter gremlin called the falcon, which is a one leg jumping entity that would poison orchards and induced heart attacks if he was ever seen by a human being. In the winter of eighteen fifty-five after a light snowfall was reported. That who flight marks appeared in the snow the footprints measured one point five to two point five inches wide in eight inches apart. The footprints were seen throughout the countryside for a total of one hundred miles, and even though they would veer off at various points, the greater part of the hoof prints. We're moving forward in a straight line. Some of these tracks were seen going up walls on rooftops haystacks and leading up to an even into various drainpipes. There's some say we're only four inches in diameter villagers in the south side of Devon England reported sightings of a horned devil. Like figure walking around looking into windows. Now, that's another creature to that spoken of at Christmas time, and that is the people. The people demon like figure who keeps on you. While you're sleeping many townspeople arm themselves in Devon they attempted to track down the beast responsible without success back in March of two thousand nine. There was a there was an article that was published called ancient mystery returns at Satan's at Satan's who prints are spotted endeavour back garden. Scientists from the center of fourteen zoology inspector the prince this was back in two thousand nine. The scientists were the center for fourteen zoology inspected the prince which measure five inches long with a struggle between eleven and seventeen inches. Some villagers blamed the church would recently changed the standard prayer book for letting the devil into the communities. Others blamed animals pranksters and even a weather balloon, but the phenomena described as the great Devon mystery was never explained the prince did resemble those of a goat. And skeptics brought up the possibility that rabbits or even an escape. Kangaroo. From the local zoo may have caused them still. There was no explanation for why the curious prints were found in the snow. This was two thousand nine. And the demon of Devon's from the eighteen hundreds. But then they had another sighting of the footprints on two thousand nine. He's hoof prints. Prince resembled those of a goat. And we know that throughout the nineteenth century. There are always these tales of these demon like characters in the snow. There was one called spring heeled. Jack. Which is a small demonic gnome that was able to leap into the air and terrorize people some say that spring heeled Jack. Was a horned oily skin. Blue demon with a pointed head some say, he spewed forth, a blue flame from his mouth and the had sandy hooked claws. It felt cold like a corpse. Once again, we're back to those would gnomes. We're back to the forest demons. We're back to the the the infernal chase. Cramps of course, German for the word hooks or claws. Cramp was a horned in Harry creature with claws were covered in dirt. Crampons was originally known as the demon with the sandy claws or the sandy hooks. The name evolved into the English. Santa Claus sandy claws or cramp has had huge sticks. He would use to be unruly children. Some were put into sacks and tossed into the river, others were left at home. And there were times when cramps would punish the parents of the children blaming them for the bad behavior. Rilo will do the same thing would actually. Beat me to child or use a child in a stew. So we can dismiss these types of characters is all fantasies, but they're most certainly based on real fears and realities that were at the time. Unexplainable,.

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