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And riddle. Oh, yeah. No way there'd be. Never mind. All that back, take all that back. I did not bet a dollar. Kyle foxton questioned for Joe, you're going on a hypothetical road trip with Andrew Eric and Josh. Who do you pick the drive? Who's in charge of the music, and who's in charge of bringing snacks, have to use everybody once can't pick yourself. Yeah, but there's only three things that choose from, right? Right. Okay. Eric me and Josh doesn't get anything. I would drive, I usually drive. You can't pick yourself. Oh, sorry. Andrew drives Eric picks the music, Josh brings the snacks. That's, you know, you know, I don't trust Josh music. I know you're good with food, but you're not gonna make your big thing as we drive snacks. Pre pack it. Would you trust Josh's music for a road trip? No. I have there. But he can buy snacks. But Josh has made really good cookies and brownies before, so. Yes. You know, do his credit. Snacks. Okay. Eric makes real food. Josh. Yeah. Exactly. You can still make the summer slamming. Yeah. We need the burrito again. We need the Wu burrito again. It's been too long. I'm Raj duck sized Molly. Would you rather get the nachos, though? We need to get those nachos again. When you flipped it and pulled it out. When I was looking out, I even had the hoo burrito in like, what two years? I say nachos. Eric, take break time. Wal burrito. Thank you. And longer. No one loses. I'm Raj, would you rather have to wear a baby bib every time you go out to eat or drink? Every time you go out to eat, you have to wear baby, bib. Or drink from a sippy cup every time you're at a bar to pick up. Yeah. It won't spill. Sippy cup. Yeah. Joe needs a sip cup. When you're drunk. Shanky, do you think someone told Vince shaky? Sorry. Don't know how I fucked that up. He wasn't on the show this week. I couldn't. Where is sankey? Do you think someone told Vince about how over the lucha Bros are in AEW? And then he said, hang on a second. I just had an epiphany. Oh God. You want lucha Bros? Well, here are the lucha cousins. Carrillo and Garza. I'm a genius. He puts out in there for me. Should we dollar bet on how long it takes him to show up with masks on? Well, carrillo, Joey's thinks career is gonna win title, so one of the tag titles show. Oh yeah, they'll give them titles. Oh yeah. What the U.S. title? Alex verdugo, if AW keeps winning the ratings with the 18 to 50 demo, does that mean they should go head to head with raw on Monday? We've said yes. I think they need, yeah, but I think they should at least wait till they're like winning overall or winning by a lot. Because that could happen. Right? Because they started they weren't close, then they got close. Now they're beating them in the demo. Right. Start killing them in the demo. D Barry with Lashley losing the title, does he get drafted to SmackDown a few with Brock after Brock's title match with Roman? Maybe. Or Brock's going to walk wherever you probably going to raw because Kayla said it on SmackDown. He's the ultimate wild card. He killed me. You would say that works like you guys have Roman Reigns, Becky Lynch, Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, what the fuck? Yeah. What the fuck? Right. Oh, God, he's gonna be Big E and 8 seconds. Probably. Probably. Yeah, that's probably. That's why we're in. Brian, I thought extreme rules, paper he was coming up. I don't remember hearing about anything extreme. I guess maybe a couple of matches are gonna get extremely boring. That's a stream as it's going to get. Maybe. Well, speaking of extreme rules, it's time to give our predictions. All right. First up, we have Liv Morgan versus carmela. You know, this means nothing match. Yeah. Why is this happening? Sure. Who do you got? I've got carmela. You know, I joked I was gonna pick carmela, but I'm gonna pick live because I think it's on the pre show and the face almost always goes over. I have live as well. Okay. With a pin, pin, pin. How many people interfere? One, I first put zero, but now I figure both girls that they tagged with are going to interfere. So I'll put to. I was trying to think if they're going to interfere. I would Tony storm care. I'm gonna say zero. Okay. And then what's the stipulation? Nothing. I put no DQ. I put nothing as well. All right. Like they leave that one alone. SmackDown tag team championships, The Usos versus the street profits. I got The Usos yeah, who says Usos? I got Jay pinning forward. I've got Jimmy pinning Dockins. And I've got J penny Dawkins. How many people interfere? None, none. And what's the stipulation? You have to say your answer, sir. What? How many people in a thousand? None. Yeah. What's the stipulation? Nothing. Nothing again? I put again, no DQ. You just go and no DQ across the board? Got him. I put tables. Usually they do tables matches for tag titles or tag team matches. So we'll see. Next up, United States championship, Damien priest, versus Seamus versus Jeff Hardy. I've got Damien priest. I'm going Jeff Hardy. I have a hard match. He won a max to get into this and give him a title. Thank you. Appreciate it. I'm going Damian priest with a pin. I'm going Damian priest pinning Jeff. Sheamus takes the fall pain. Yeah, I have priests pinning Jeff. How many people interfere? Not zero, zero. And what's the simulation? I have table match here, all right? I did weapons, I'm not sure, you know, if it gets like a candle stick or something like that. Okay. All right, I'll ladder. Okay. I don't know. We'll see. That would be incredible. Right, Jeff. Raw women's championship, Charlotte Flair versus Alexa Bliss. I've got flair flair. Flair. With a pen? I said other. There'll be some weird magic and it won't end like clean. Okay, yeah. So Alexa's gonna get d-q'd. Maybe magic? Or just imagine. Hey, magic. Ring the bell, magic. Honestly, I think it just ends. Like she did here. She steps out of there. You've done that before. Yeah. I have flair with a yeah, I don't think Alexa's gonna tap. I don't think they're gonna make fiend Alexa tap. You never fucking know. True. How many people interfere? Not zero if we don't count the lily count. Lily's not a people. She's not a people. She's not a people. All right, so she's also zero fun. All right. Will there be magic? Yes. Yes. That's my lock of essentially. Yes. What's the stipulation? Nothing. I put no DQ. All right? I put none as well for that. I was gonna put like a playground match, but they would advertise that. Yeah, probably. Yeah, I put nothing for that one. SmackDown.

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