FDA, President Trump, Senator Schumer discussed on WCBS Programming


Trump is expected to announce emergency authorization for plasma from those who have recovered from Cove it to be used as treatment. Former Food and Drug Administration chief Dr Scott Gottlieb was on face the nation. There's reasons people have some questions about that the trial that that's going to be based on 70,000 patients. Wasn't very rigorously done trial. It was an open label study where everyone got treated, so it's hard to draw conclusions. I believe plasmas, probably beneficial is probably weekly beneficial in the setting of this treatment. I think some people wanted to see more rigorous data to ground that decision, and I think that's part of what Is going on here with respect that true tweet and questions about the FDA decision making, But I think the NBA's on firm ground, taking their time to try to closely evaluate that information got leap says the plasma is already widely available, but that authorizing at his treatment would make it more accessible in some settings. Current head of the FDA, Dr. Stephen Han and Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Cesar will also be at the press conference with President Trump scheduled for just about one hour from now at 5 30. Postmaster General Lewis to Joy goes before the House Oversight Committee tomorrow. Postal Service this week said it will hold off on operational changes before the election. But Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says the USPS is still in a crisis and independent oversight is needed. Here is doubly CBS reporter Christie Collision, Senator Schumer describes his report as key to repairing damage done to the U. S. P s actions.

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