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Collision. WCBS news radio 8 80 emergency crews have responded to an explosion in downtown Nashville. News reports from the area say black smoke and flames were seen billowing building shook in the media area and beyond. After a loud boom was heard early this morning, the Metro Nashville office Emergency management told National Television station apart recreational vehicle exploded and did the damage. No injuries were immediately reported. The station also quoted officials of saying the explosion did not seem suspicious. President Trump is at his Florida resort on this Christmas day, and there's still no sign of him, letting up and signing a coronavirus relief package voted on and passed by Congress. The president is at odd with logs with lawmakers, even within his own party of how much money to give Americans hurting. Because of the pandemic come top of this. There's a looming government shutdown. CBS News correspondent Paul agree That stimulus bill was actually flown down here to Florida for the president to sign, but he's previously threatened to veto the bill on last payments to individuals are tripled. Yesterday, House Republicans rejected an effort by Democrats to increase those payments from 600 to $2000 and now members of both parties are just calling on the president to sign the bill, as is The House will return Monday to vote on options. California's deadly Christmas is being marked by police to stay away from holiday gatherings outside the home and avoid indoor church services. As the rates of coronavirus deaths and hospitalizations is sore, Jamie you CAS has the latest since the pandemic began, at least two million people have been sickened in the state of California alone. Many hospitals there do not have any more ICU beds available overnight, The CDC announced new rules to fight a new strain of the virus found in England. Starting Monday. Anyone flying to the U. S from the UK must show they've tested negative for covert 19 within 72 hours of departure. That was Jamie You cas w CBS News Time 9 36. You're listening, eh? Well, Learn how WCBS news time 9 36. That's all I'm going.

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