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San Bernardino National Forest has burned more than 26,000 acres and one home. There are some residential pockets up in the areas. We also have the Morago reservation that's out here on the East side, then further east out by Whitewater. You're running into additional areas out there. Information officer Darren why it says crews were able to get a little control on the South Western edge of the fire will have more on all of the UPDATES with Steve Gregory. In just a moment, the MD says air quality in the eastern San Gabriel Valley and San Gabriel Mountains will be unhealthy today for everyone in those areas. Air quality will be bad for people with certain respiratory issues in the San Fernando, Santa Clarita, western San Gabriel and Pomona walnut valleys. Tell State Northridge has been targeted in an attempted cyber attack. Hackers try placing Ransomware on the third party software used by the university between February and May and stole some customer data as well. See, son says the third party provider paid a ransom so the hackers would delete the stolen data. The software provider says no credit card information was compromised and all sensitive information was encrypted, including Social Security numbers. But see son officials say the university has no way to verify that the stolen information was deleted. Students have been it Lies to track their accounts and credit reports. Layla Mohammed Kay if I knew, and the university says several campuses in the California state University system were notified by the same third party software provider about the attempted cyber attack. Three people have been arrested in 1/3 protests at the home in Covina of one of the cops involved in the shooting death of an 18 year old in Gardena. Protest started peacefully. Yesterday afternoon, at least one went on to the property to police signs and right accusations in shock about the L. A county sheriff's deputy being a murderer. Two men killed in a car crash in Westlake Village have been identified as the 18 year old brother of R and B artist Frank Ocean and a track and field athlete from Sea sun. The men were classmates at Oaks Christian High School. They were in a Tesla that caught fire after a crash early yesterday morning. A remembrance event has been held to mark the one year anniversary today of the massacre at a WalMart in El Paso, Texas, El Paso County's top executive judge Ricardo Salmon, Diego, told the crowd yesterday. Covert 19 has changed how people mourn. It has been hard wrenching to ask you to avoid the emotional display of hugs, closeness, but it's so much Part of our beautiful culture. 23 people were shot to death at the Wal Mart by a man who told police he was targeting Hispanic people. One health expert from Mississippi predicts that with the expert from Harvard predicts Mississippi will soon have the highest cove in 19 rate in the US based on numbers per capita. Mississippi already has the highest cove in 19 positivity rate in in the country, which is 22% hospitalizations and daily death rates are also up over the last couple of weeks and in pain. Parody of the popular Children's book. Good Night. Moon is going to be published this fall. Good morning Zoom is due out October 6th Eonline spoof takes the beloved bedtime story and turns it into a narrative about video meetings, bread, baking home schooling and other familiar parts of life during the pandemic. Let's take a look at a crash.

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