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What the fuck is going on here because I'm sorry. I don't know exactly what it was like, I'm gonna flip it on Mike. I'm gonna ask you the question. I know you're is I'm gonna ask questions fucking suck that really question. They're going to be it's going. This is going to end such a disaster as usual fuck you. Jeff wilpon. You should've gone. Should have gone to jail for firing poor woman who was a single mother forced her out you mentally in verbally abused. Her. Brodie jail. Exactly. Yeah. Exactly. Nobody cares. Is. There was a woman who works for the Mets. She was a single mom. She had a child out of wedlock, the wilpon. I don't know. Apparently, don't like that. So used to abuse her and be rate her and eventually fired her may settled out of court. How do you get? I understand the abuse. No. That is trying to make fun of wedlock. Puritan talk. And I remember be like this is it this is my chance we're gonna we're gonna get rid of them. Then the Ray rice video came out. Evidence. That was just like nobody cares about this anymore that ruined last up. We got this crazy high school basketball coach who is I guess secret recordings of him verbally abusing and berating. His players say again, you're broke asses back to the fucking garage. I don't wanna hear sheet from bottom line. The next thing you from the fuck out just walk. The fuck. I don't give a shit. I can. Sure where you go. Could be the heating motherfucker. That's how easy it is. For me being like, I control your future. I control where you go.

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