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Calling to women charged by feds for walgreens robbery where they were coughing on employees as a weapon okay. I've heard that I've heard numerous stories. Yeah Yeah so in San Francisco Federal prosecutors prosecutors say on Friday that two women have been charged in a robbery at a San Francisco walgreens where they coughed on store employees. While not wearing masks they allegedly stole ninety two dollars in merchandise. I need to down at a walgreens. That's a lot of stuff it is or is it. It's like women. Entered the store with empty bags and when the store manager approached them to offer assistance they coughed audibly and claim to have cova according to the US Attorney's office The manager asked one of the women to leave if they felt ill the woman. Then the WOM- women then both started coughing without covering their mouths and said we have covert. We have cool and according to the complaint. The Manager Insecurity Guard did not want to go near the woman two women so they let him just leave with all the stuff because they were worried about cove. Ed I get it fuck. I understand. That's been happening a lot. Actually and everybody's getting arrested for as they should yet to be honest with for trying to steal stuff and say that they have Kobe or what. No the Kobe thing is coming up a lot where it's just like you know. Don't arrest me. I Have Cova coughing on police officers. And she's like that's Kinda why should be arrested. Women like like if a cop's going to pull me over like Bro during this pandemic for what like registration? I'll pay that later. I don't think I don't think anybody's anybody over because I do have expired inch you brought to you but I'm also like if you pull me over Fuck Yo you know what I mean. In these times. We shouldn't be pulled over in the pulled over and like if anything I'm swerving a little bit. It's like covert. Do you know what I mean. The pandemic Drinkin- as long as I'm in side the lines. I you should like calm. The fuck you'd probably find even two wheels over. Yeah some people can avoid those two wheels over the line. You're good go. I just got an email from American Airlines here. That says it's Kurt Stash. Oh that's a fucking man. For how Dorky this guy is. That's a terrible name. What is it good stash? I WANNA see a guy with you. Know Gene's in a dip ring and the and the back left pocket. You know the mustache man. Kurt Stash here I want everybody to go out. And but fuck without condoms on you know like like that can hurt stash powerful name okay He's says we've got a new requirement for all of our customers. It is mandatory. That you wear masks cooks. During flights beginning may eleventh why not now and recently announced yeah and recently announced requirements for flight attendants as well There's measures to provide sanitizing wipes and facemask for all customers on select flights. I guess if you'RE GONNA Fresno they're not gonNA give you that shit like good luck going to Reno we're not getting anything you're probably GONNA get AIDS there anyways brother you WanNa Bakersfield Shit. We done about some math on the on the seat for you enhance cleaning. Procedures to disinfect high. Touch points thing a high touch point. What's that toilet anything? That people are GonNA touch a lot tables. I guess men throughout the aircraft in cleaning at the airports your well being is at the forefront is that the foreskin of every decision. We're making here. Thanks Kurt Stash. So be right now since it's Friday and we've had a few drinks appreciate you being with us all week Ripe Down The side any questions you have on youtube gotten write them in answering for you. Eighty Gamble Kurt Stash. Kind of sounds more of like a grinder screening. I'll get that is. Actually it is gonna be a Kurt Stash. Everybody rides the stash. Who's an Franken here? Is there an an franken their own? Oh I hope so Dan. Are you anchoring rank? How are you able to get the username and frank? So great so great read white seats taken very obscure forrest Gump reference love to. I love when you have to read stuff with an accent in order for it to work seeds. Take seats taken Richard Chris. Roman they they all were seats. Taken Greg Ross. Check your messages real quick. I can't I don't know where all that shit is to be honest with that you're GonNa have to read it here. Check your messages. What on your phone. Who knows somebody called? Sony's calling Dan Dan Frank Derrick Campbell. That's so great Tan fast to be Dan. There's no way that it's anyone else right. Crispier male I can't I can't take. I don't have the capability right now to check my if I get an email to pop up. I just don't have that capability. Who's telling you to check your email? No Idea Casey Selmer says you guys think Joe Biden will pick the governor of Michigan for VP. I know this. She's on the shortlist And I think Abrams is out so I think I think she's in the final three. It's a Whitmer is her name. I think she's in the final three. She's whites so she's at a disadvantage there but she's she's younger which would help. But Yeah I think it's either going to come down and Kamala here Elizabeth worn. It's read read white. I'm doing ribs this weekend. Yes just like tried and true you know I tried pulled pork. It rocked it that that was the best pool Brockton. But guys like it's a sit under triggering it's an undertaking and you know it is yeah ribs at least. I don't know I just like have it down whereas like everything else. I'm not that confident with it. So I'M DOING RIBS RIB. I'm about Danielle K will be another show today. Fake news is up today for drinking bros. Which we ended up doing live yesterday. But that's our Friday show savage Saturday the audio with Uruguay. There will be up tonight at eight. Pm and then usually airs eleven pm Eastern time on Youtube. And I can tell you who Sunday nights guesses for drinking bros. It is the millennial farmer. You guys have asked him a lot. There was a lot of requests for him. We didn't know him reached out to him and turns out listen to the show. Luckily and we got him on. He was great. I didn't know anything about farming industry at all And that was nice so I it's great fucking show so look for that on Sunday Nights Matthew Gillam says hey guys love listening to your show. You're doing an awesome job and over the weekend looking forward to get to some of the products showing the product on the podcast. I have to say for the ladies and I have to say function of beauty. Dot Com is sponsor T. E. is amazing. We have a lot of sponsors but I'm like it's personalized shampoo and conditioner. I'm not trying to like sponsor whatever but I am in love with really the only thing that is done and Nice on me right. Now is my hair for the lady. So not my makeup belise. Let's see rick minor is Brady Quinn's less than athletic brother? I'll take it pretty. Quincy looking dude. I'll take it for sure. Texas this Brady Quinn. Brady was the quarterback for Notre Dame back in the day and I'll take good looking dude. I'll take. It was the quarterback for Cleveland for a little bit too. Not that everyone wasn't Stephen. Hawkins says Ross keeps his emails in his prison wallet. You Bet I look. I try not to check my emails throughout the show but Look one popped up. No wasn't from. You wasn't from you. It was a deposit from a book royalties. So hey that's even better whatever that bullshitting sitters Gregor's Riana. I have to shot up the girl. Riana Britney Julia Danielle would girls witty loop. Somebody's asked me if I could beat them do anything I could beat you. In a game of ping-pong beat me. No beat the guy who's who wrote that in no pong beer pong pong as it was colby beer worth and frank. I should shout her out to obviously she's going to go back into hiding after the show but colby no. I probably wouldn't be tuned in Ping Pong that sadly is not one of the fraternity all star game great at beer pong. Yes I'll destroy you and you can't. No one can be me. Cornel CAN'T BE BEATEN. Ask anyone on this board. All of you guys have played in some city at some point. None of you beat me. Including craigslist gave shattered his dreams at Penn state At that game no one can beat me all right now Chris. Beer worth either. The Sun and or brother Saint try try tip. Have you ever thought about trying to try ZIP in the third about it? I've done tried tip on a grill only so I don't know I mean obviously I'll try it at. Some point. Tried to push our Goto as a in our family of choice so like any time. Dad would grill tried it. I've had your dad's in your brothers. Trysofi interference Leslie Different Leslie. Tongkin have y'all seen the CDC RECOMMENDATION. Then when school starts desk have to be six feet apart. They've obviously never been a real school. Yeah I so I read that in. Its absolutely fucking crazy because you have children who were just petri dishes for all kinds of shit. Also kids aren't the ones that are getting sick. They're zero children. That have died from Cova to my knowledge. So I don't know that's a real sticking point for school does not come back in the fall. And they're going to do this online bullshit like I'd say the parents rise up and just say great we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA hold our kids back so you get your fucking shit together and then we can charge China for for all the fucking teachers salaries for those assholes and I still have not seen a lot of fun China Post. I'm still really shocked by that. You go on facebook people bitch about whatever political party they believe in till the end of the fucking earth but they won't come out and say Fuck China for this this shitty disease. It's ruining the country. Oh we don't want to appear raith if we don't want him to be rated maintain that it's a country not a race so you can say fuck cheinal and you want it that one. That one's wild to me really wild. Yes Richard enough mental farmers on on Sunday night at eight. Pm Great Interview. That guy was fantastic. Got a massive you to falling like half a million subscribers to that and he's an old school former we're talking twenty seven hundred acres of like. Hey man he lives in dies by and frank. Your show has gotten me through.

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