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Helping run more efficiently is Freightliner's number one goal. Now as I mentioned the last hour. Our biggest responses we got was about Serena Williams and her outbursts at the US open. So we had a big discussion about why there's penalty forgetting coaching during the tournament. And I play tennis. I need more coaching. I think my coach in the past when I was a kid gave up on me somewhere along the line. But most of the people called agree that it's the rule at least for now. Some people are against the Purdue not seems you're not get coaching by your coaches during the these tournaments, but they also greed that her outburst was uncalled for, sir. Here's the latest as reported by the telegraph, and I want to get your reaction at one eight six six ninety redeye. Serena Williams received seventeen thousand dollar fine for her conduct and Saturday's US open final which ended in disgraceful scenes as Boosrang. Out during the post match presentation ceremony this you're forcing the victorious Naomi or soccer by she's left out almost then all these discussions either very little about her to hide her tears. She was literally crying. She was hiding her tears were cap. Imagine the winner had to hide her tears with her cap after she defeated her idol seems certain Williams was Rydell as if defeating her with some kind of sacrilege and maybe four elitist tennis. It is a sacrilege Williams emotional meltdown in which she called chair umpire Carlos Ramos. She called them both a liar and a thief. Vets that okay, Brian let you wanna play it. Now..

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