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Max in a great tasting lemonade flavor Three 48 Traffic and weather on the 8th to Joe Conway in the WTO P traffic center Marilyn beltway out of delays college park and stretches toward river road with brakes along the way in a little delays old Georgetown road toward Connecticut avenue then through prince George's county on the inner loop leaving about 50 toward Ritchie Marlborough road it should be all volume Maryland two 95 brought down near the ramp for one 75 east had the earlier crash mirrorless day highways telling us that ramp is still blocked Much for the response still there handling some of your traffic direction you may be slowing SAP down to look at it in college park and northbound one report of a crash near four 95 the capitol beltway police were responding In the district on D.C. two 95 northbound you are jam from 6 95 the 11 street bridge toward the earlier vehicle fire in north Dan north of Pennsylvania avenue It's out out of the roadway but plenty to look at still D.C. two 95 SAP out is chronic from each of the avenue all the way to a point south of east capital street looking at all the activity on the northbound side Three 95 south delays leave the tunnel toward the app on case bridge through 95 north in the tunnel you slow leaving Massachusetts 7 to try to get to New York avenue Virginia beltway delays on the Internet from the toro to the legion bridge attached lace through Alexandria in the through local lanes from eisner avenue to the Wilson bridge I 66 eastbound slowing out of manassas from southerly road toward 29th centile with the reported works on along the left 95 south delays out of newington toward woodbridge north down slows toward the aka Kwan with the crash in camera on the left side easy fast lanes are fully northbound I 81 south and you crash your I 66 you're apparently only able to get by on the left shoulder Your jam sat down after Steven city you can plan to exit its even city and ride around 11 through Middletown You could also exit a Middletown That would be your last chance to avoid the complete delays there You should be able to get by sting to the left shoulder but it will cost you a lot of time We are a bunch of by compass roads attention eligible federal retirees the compass rose Medicare advantage plan offers a subsidy up to $1200 per year for your Medicare part B premium Learn more a compass rose benefits dot com slash retiree I'm Jonathan WTI traffic Now to search team four meteorologists clay Anderson The Washington metropolitan area is between two air masses warm air just to our south and cooler more seasonal air to our north Basically from Pennsylvania northward the jet stream will be very active over the next several days And as a result our temperatures.

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