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Boy that. One eight hundred two eight three five oh God. I love my wife calls. Thank you for calling New Jersey one point five the magic button. That's right at home and nothing works. Kids aren't growing up shocking. New poll says parents are killing kids life skills, and it all started with the celebrities trying to buy their kids into college, Felicity Huffman, and Laurie Lachlan and. Let's see what's the husband's name again. William H Macy from Shane was basically. Most of. Bribing SAT proctors paying off college officials and lying about kids athletic credentials is legal. But it's also part of a pattern of today's parents taking control. So that children can succeed and avoid disappointment and failure. Now this poll was conducted by the New York Times and morning consult. And basically by the time kids are old enough for college way beyond the point. They should have graduated parents wealthy or not are still doing things children can do for themselves. There's screws up the children. This is what I was talking about. And I wanna know what are some of the things that you've done for your children or parents are doing for their children that we used to just do for ourselves. I one Bobby Michelin for union city, fire department homework. Tom get to school. We walked they get taken more than we ever did mess. The truth. Chris I can't repeat Peter Peters. Got another one here. Arranging play dates is that new social engineering horse bleep. We used to just go out and play. Now. My mom is the goal Janis. Mom to ask him body. Come over and play with Janney to me. Bs. Butch from Nelson everything. Let's see let them live at home after college. That's a good one tie their shoes. Nicky palumbo. What else we got here? Make something easy to eat laundry. Homework dishes feed the animals the list goes on and on. That's true to my kids. At least, you know, my kids are more independent, and they can cook. You know, they know how to microwave. I mean, seriously like, you know, we give our we make our kids do their own stuff. Like we own hover over the kids. You know, it's looking more like. More like did that show the goldbergs which has become used to be really really good? Now. It's kind of really really predictable. It opens up. It was nineteen eighty something. And then Beverly Goldberg the mom has some kind of crisis where she feels her kids don't love her. And then by the end of these half hour, they play an eighty song. And she realized that the kids do a lover. And then we see a clip of the real Goldberg's loving them up and or Adam Goldberg doing some stupid, and I was back there next show. He was real good show. See the kids are. Alright the kids are arise kids are. Alright is like watching where life was like growing up in union city in the eighties. Sarazen Ringo's you on a Monday night. What's going on a Monday? Oh. Wednesday. So sometimes you'll hear from me. And sometimes why? Okay. So what do you think? It's a little tough.

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