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To the world economic forum week we'll talk artificial intelligence of automation with his team as such as sea vj out the amar of hcl technologies joined us golfer klausdieter electric david wedding of ebay and many more proudly sponsored by hcl technologies for more info visit bloomberglivecom from the bloomberg 991 newsroom in washington i'm nathan hager with the latest headlines a red headline just crossing the bloomberg terminal cattle on separatists when regional election in a blow to spanish president maryono rojo away the unless the results change with more than ninety percent of the votes counted the three secessionist parties in catalonia are expected to win seventy seats in the 135 seat majority congress in the us is halfway to keeping the government lights on here another four weeks the house narrowly passed a stopgap to avoid a shutdown tomorrow night now this bill moves on to the senate the white house says if congress gets done this evening president trump has a very good chance of signing the tax bill tomorrow and it's because the stopgap waves automatic cuts to social programs that would be triggered by the tax cuts global news 24 hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries in washington i'm nathan hager this is bloomberg fromberg world headquarters i'm charlie pellett this update is brought to you by sector spdr etfs why by a single stock when you can invest in the entire sector visit sectorspdrscom or call one eight six six.

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