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Oh, jeez. Have you not heard me use that phrase before? Oh, dear. Anyway, speaking of JP, we'll switch to the other trainer major trainer from these days. Joseph O'Brien comfort zone. The Irish continued to dominate the juvenile hurdling division with the JCB triumph federal trial going to comfort zone. I guess the better script writer in a driving finish, although there wasn't a whole lot of driving going on with scriptwriter, more on that to come. Dixon cove ran well again to be third, Barry, what impact does it have on the triumphal and what did you make of the juvenile hurdle trial? I'll give you the better now. He's in a couple of races. He's 9s for the boodles. He's tens for the triumph and you have his last email in there, a 5 to four blood destiny. Four to one M start by saying a chat on Saturday. I wasn't taken by an awful lot of forces. You can count them on one hand. Maybe stage there looks decent enough. Edward stone in the clarence House. And possibly the horse in this day is cold. But I wasn't taken by an awful lot of horses comfort zone. There was a lot of horses and contention in this race for home, which for me is not always a great sign. They're lucky, they're supposed to front to really they did quicken away from the back of the last. He's a well bred sword of a horse background probably wouldn't assume that I'm being short chill, you know that way, but yeah, as I say that they really kicked away from the back of the last two. Are the second most shorts you as well as they did look at that. Yeah, they kicked away there were 6 and a half lens back to the tortoise and Sony is that's what it's hard start over hoarding. So obviously as long for improvement and showed a pretty good attitude for them. Yeah, I just. I just don't like to see when there's a gang of horses in contention torn over the last it's hard to leave a bit of a you don't know what the farmers like. And he beat Dixon Cole who I only lent or something the last time they've met so obviously he's a pro since then but yeah, look at the top tier look too nice horses whether or not they would beat the likes of lassie melt and blood destiny who slightly preferred over last year at this stage. I just don't know but horse farm is going to be a huge asset to those sort of horses. Even the way he is style of rolling I had the feeling after the finesse that if they did hold him up for longer, he'd win. By further, and would confirm superiority and that almost applies to scriptwriter, because Milton Harris came out afterwards and said, he doesn't like being in front. He was a lead. It was a weird thing to say. He said he was a lead horse at bally Doyle, so he doesn't like being in front too much. Okay. And patty Brennan, the finish was very odd. I tweeted that something must have gone wrong with the saddle. And let's say you know I better not say who it is. A leading flat jockey, WhatsApp me and said, it had nothing to do with the saddle. It's the jockey style. Yeah, he's very far back in the saddle paddy, isn't he? He's in the drawing room. But he did tell me he

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