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This is gate new central my name is todd cochran the stories that leads the show are carriers yes phone carrier's mobile phone carriers are selling your real time access real time access to your phone data some google employees walkout over dod contracts legalized online gaming is coming our way and the anne s n e s classic is back am sonnen in my head sets a little overdrawn how how do we sound in on online today the sonnen real basie this kind of to me i don't know why something is off i have no idea what's off i guess it'll be what it is for the show but hey i want to walk you to episode one thousand two hundred eighty two of the guinea central podcast for monday may fourteenth the show sponsored part by go daddy dot com and listeners just like you great deals from go daddy can be found at getting a central dot com forward slash go daddy of course she can sport the show today gaetan central dot com forward slash inside or simply pay pal dot me forward slash geek news you can pick up ohana geared cafe press dot com forward slash bohannon store he want to give a warm welcome to all the new listeners and all of you that are part of the hanna those of you that have been longtime listeners the show thank you for being here thank for stained subscribed and of course if you are brand new to the show it's real simple we want you become part of the hanna into do that all you gotta do well we hit the right button here are you gotta do is come over to keating central dot com and when here on the website that see if i can make some things go away when you're over on the website definitely click on the subscribe button via apple podcast on the android email yes you can get this show via email you can listen on google play on stitcher tune in i'm even can be found over at spotify as well so definitely check those places out to get show and really just the top two if you're on your mobile phone whether it'd be an android or apple user those two selections will will get you ninety five percent of the way there if you don't have an android podcast app already we'll we'll drive you to website giving opportunity to pick.

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Todd Cochran, Anne, Sonnen discussed on Geek News Central

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