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I'm going to go ask the Dallas. I'm going to go FC Dallas here. And here's why. The old expression tells us, right? Defense wins championships. Out of everybody in the west, outside of LAFC. The team that gives up the fewest goals is FC Dallas, okay? So I think right there, they have a big edge. Not only are they good defensively, they are much better hook than Austin defensively, who shipped three this weekend, three last weekend, and two weeks before that ship four against the New York Red Bulls, right? You gotta be defensively sound herc when it comes to the playoffs. Plus, let's not pretend like FC Dallas doesn't have firepower, right? We got a riola, we got velasco, and we got Jesus Ferrero who had a brace over the weekend and I think is now up to 14 goals on the season. You don't give FC Dallas and he love you really think defenses is that little of a priority come playoff time. No, I just think there are two seasons. There's a regular season, and then there's playoffs. And I've seen FC Dallas in the playoffs throughout their history. It's not a team like trust. Nicolas de you may have changed things. Paul areola, this is feda, everything that Sebastian legit now, who, by the way, backed a couple assists. This weekend, it could be a different team. Sure, but a sale smells like Seattle sounders a bounce them in the playoffs. Okay. Okay, okay. Interesting that you mentioned that. I will note neither of us neither of us picked the LA galaxy as the biggest threat to LA. So let's get to the bad and it is in the Pacific Northwest, where the aforementioned

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