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I play a sofi Lenin and she's a comic and she's old school like a borscht belt. She's a housewife from queens and all their jokes are about how she is and how many husbands she's had, how much she likes to eat, and she's a washerwoman. You know, she wears like old dress and coat. House code? Yes. And her set is just an ironing board behind her with an iron in a fake kitchen. So it's like half set will travel. So she's obviously been doing this stick for years, but you very link fanny, Brice, I, yeah, kind of like fanny, Brice, you know, kind of like ugly. I can't help it. And so that's how she was brought up in the entertainment world. That women can't be funny unless they're making fun of the selves physically emotionally and as like shrews. So she wanted to be successful. So she bought into this whole thing and she's quite successful at it. She's made a lot of money and she lives in a beautiful Brownstone in Manhattan. And when she's not in the fat suit in the house coach, she wears beautiful clothing. And she kind of I Eleanor Parker from the sound of music, the Baroness. If your number as kind of my my inspiration for that aspect of her character, she's very smug and self satisfied in area. Yeah, and so complete contrast. So actors dream, really, really it actually the part of the Butler you in the Butler. Oh, isn't he wonderful? Yeah, yeah, yeah. My first room lined him is, is the light caustic in the blue room. I'll check man. What happens in this season? Can you tell us at all? Well, I Rachel Brosnahan. Yeah, she did a set where she insulted you. She insults me and she's the lead. You would think that I was the lead of the show from way I'm communicating. She's actually the lead. She's in every episode and it's about her and. Neither here nor there, but she's a comic coming up and she's not at all commenting on her appearance or her marriage status or her body. She's kind of observational she. She's an observational comic and it it's working. People are loving it. She's she's crass, she swears and she starts in like the downtown clubs and the audience is love her. And she's trying to, you know, she, Alex bursting plays her lesbian esque manager and who I think is in love with her and. In, she's really aggressive and ambitious for Rachel's character midge and they start working their way to respect the -bility to midtown and. Of course, I, my characters. Persona is kind of in vogue, but she's starting to blow all of us away. So she she humiliates me in public and then I exact my revenge in the second episode and the second season leaving it open for the third season. I think I'll be back. Oh, man, that great. So we're gonna take some Christians in the audience. Absolutely. But I wanted to very quickly talk about just your things that you like techy because you're not doing Twitter now, but you've got, well, I will. I mean, oh, let me let me tell you. I am. I'm doing a show at the Carlyle hotel this week in the cabaret the cafe with a Kate Flannery who was married at the drunk in the office. So if you're interested in coming by where we're there every night at eight o'clock theory, analog of you. Yes, Dan, I'm actually tweeting about that. So you have an apple watch. I have an apple watch technical at all right. Hilary Rosen behind the told me she was the one who gave you. We bought the first iphone. Yes, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah. And yeah. I mean, I'm I'm in and out..

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