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You're also very good about you. Never let something sit. If if something bothered you or you're afraid of defended, someone you. You bring it up immediately like you're not gonna like be like well. We'll see you know you know because it occupies. My entire thinks Spain right right glider thing wrong well, I mean that's literally like how we met and I've told that story before who like? It was the second day of work and I was walking in. And you came out of your dressing of yours. Hey, man. I think I kind of like interrupted. You at lunch yesterday. When we were all talking some really sorry about that was just like. I don't even remember but to me. No, it's funny like that's just such a defining moment. That is one of the questions here on the list is. What was the moment you became lifelong friends? So it was probably just after that, hanging out in my dressing room, and probably somehow like a character made southern laugher. We both probably when we both did like anime voice. I think yes, so. I think the moment that I think that I think of is there was the sketch it was sterling, playing the like Super Sarcastic Kid, right? Yeah, and you were playing this character and you had this like this like red haired Hurley. girly like short and tight curly. Yeah! Around Afros we were just joking about the hair because it looked so silly, and then you're like yeah. I'm like one of those tekken characters. And then you just started doing the like the like back towards camera, but turning around and then saying taunt the Japanese and I laughed so hard. Running I forgot about that. 'cause, that's when we start joking about anime and like just like the anime like inflections, and just yes sounded so crazy and then. I think that's how like enemy brothers sketch was born. Oh yes, you started doing house. That's so funny because that is also like such a specific thing to like. It's more common nowadays like I don't know I think. In the past ten years I think people have just been like yeah, any kind of nerd culture awesome, but for me to like be cast in a TV show. Meet another actor, and like make a joke about like anime characters in fighting games are totally like this right, and for him to not only be. Be Like Oh. Yeah, that makes sense but to like yes, and it and be like Oh. Yeah, totally, it's like this to. It was like Oh my God someone like legit gets me like this was it was really cool? I wonder what that show. Experience would have been like if it wasn't for Union having lot and similar in common cause, you mean Doug very quickly. We're like Oh, we all love video games and a bit for Doug to sort of join in. Got To, but I think you're right like we got there. Was You me and Matthew Scott sort of in solidarity as the New People it, even though he didn't have as much as common with us, in terms of like interest, but then Doug would join in like. We all started playing video games in my room and it was just fun. Yeah, so great! which which of these questions do you WanNa? Do My guy that I wrote this one debt like what's the hardest? The other is made you laugh like. This the promises, too many jokes slang, many man like like I said I brought this up earlier, but one time Damian was playing bloodborne and I was watching him play, and he just started getting so into it, and like Damian Zaveri like animated, as you see on his twitter streams, and just in much games like you're you talk a lot and you're like very animated when you're. You're playing video games and you were just crushing through a level, and you're like Oh. Yeah, baby, Bowl Combo like just just taking up Zombie. And then you decided to go into an impression of the Zombie getting murdered, and you're like Hobo Combo. Why brought it up? I was like imagine like the last words that you here are some dude, just like spray. Yeah, maybe Wambo Combo. Because one was a thing in in smash, it was like a well-known trending video or whatever. So. Just slightly. It's dark. Yeah, you'd never think about how terrifying it must be to beat enemy a lot of video games. Can you imagine for like a Goumba your last thought? Your last site is an Italian man, just jumping twenty feet in the air and then landing director. Killing you on your boneless body because it's. Just like? Like The crumble under his weight. And I think I think people don't realize this, but this is intended intendo lure. Mario's bones are hollow like bird, so he doesn't have a lot of like mass, so the velocity has to be obscene. squishing right through those boys. You'll just go on these tangents. Sometimes like I don't know a happens, it happens so much sometimes. We're like we'll be talking about something. I'll be like grocery shopping and it was crazy so crowded. You're like yeah, and then it's like this and this and it's like a squid just rolling through the forest. Where did you get to that? But I think that's part of why like it's almost like a selfish reason, but that's part of why it's so fun. Being your friend is because like you find joy in comedy in small things like if someone is going to tell you a story, if someone's going to put an image in your head, you're really going to put yourself there. You're gonNA think about it like you have a vivid imagination for things like that, so I'm a lunatic and I just sorta of. Of stream-of-consciousness stuff when you point out specific things that I say I don't even remember saying them usually, but you hear them in you acknowledge them, and you'll start laughing about it, and that gets me in that moment to and then all start laughing about it, and I think the moments where we laugh the most the ones where we together at the same time fall into those sort of laughing spells, and like keep them growing together. It's so good when it happens is. If you ever got matching best friend tattoos. Oh what would they be damn? That's a that's a good question. You've mentioned getting a tattoo of your left leg on your right leg. Yes, to me, what if it confuse predators? What if I got your right leg tattooed on my left leg and you got my left leg tattooed on your right leg and ceiling. We stood next to each other. You couldn't tell that were not one. That's insane. Dude, because I literally had a sort of a canned answer for this because I wrote the question very similar..

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