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Okay, I found it. Guy's name is Ah idea. R I s was an address. Oh, no. You see what he has been? It doesn't know everything. As soon as you see the guy. Yeah. Good looking guy. Yes. I thought there was one time that he was going to be the bond and he would be the first black James Bond. I think this guy would have killed it. He would have crushed it. Yeah. So I think Tom Hardy is a great choice. Daniel Craig to me. I know who that is A party for a long time. You know, I mean, there have been so many different bonds, but I thought for sure, Daniel Craig. I was like, I'm not watching that. And then I watched the first one He was in and I was like, OK, because they're like they're like modern action movies with Daniel Craig. They're kind of cheesy back in the day. Yes, mama. Almost 40 and slip now. My wife loves Daniel Craig. Um, yes, Of course. Why would you when he pops out of the ocean with no shirt on your wife went Oh, listen. She's constantly looking at picture so about the exact same swim shorts of the Anton I didn't get the reaction. White bread. Yes, Let's let's go to Ah, let's go to our buddy Scott. Okay, Barbie Rufina Remodeling. What's that, Scott? Eh? How you doing? We're doing good man. We are all ready to do. Our prediction for weak to David Doyle is our winner this week. He is going to try to pick a college game in a score We're getting..

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