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I get the numbers every month. And I know thousands and thousands of people do it, and I very much. Appreciate it. You can also follow me on Twitter. It's at Jeff Wagner. Six twenty. Matter of fact, I sent out this tweet today as soon as I saw the new sheriff walkie county or L Lucas, I I have intentionally not commented on some of his higher. Here's and appointments because I think he deserves a little bit of a break, even though a number of the people that he's surrounding himself with our are drawing raising all sorts of eyebrows. From from people, it's like, really, but here's the story. I sent out a link to this standbys has it in the journal sentinel today, let me share a portion of the story with you. This is what vice writes as if he doesn't mind filling one of his top posts with a family member of one of his political allies, no matter how unusual this movie is in a short Email on Tuesday evening or an L Lucas, a new county sheriff confirmed that he is named Ted Chisholm the twenty year old son of district attorney John Chisholm as his chief of staff Chet Tet Chisholm had a prominent role on Lucas is successful campaign last year, and his father was a big supporter of the democratic sheriff Ted represents the finest. In young servant leaders will make a great addition to the sheriff's office Lucas wrote. This is a. Newly created position by the sheriff who took office last month. It represents a sharp break from previous sheriff's not just David Clarke. But other sheriffs well who typically surround themselves with law enforcement personnel. Not kid political activists through in the word kid. But the story says political activists Lucas did not say how much would be paid. But insiders estimate the salary around eighty to eighty five thousand dollars a year, which is roughly the annual pay for a new captain. All right. In another brief Email, John Chisholm said he had no involvement in the appointment, which was not announced publicly. Gee, why wouldn't they announced this publicly because it stinks to high heaven the democratic district attorney said he did not believe the hiring will create a conflict of interest between the two agencies asked whether his twenty year old son was qualified for the job his father wrote that question should be appropriately decker at a directed to the sheriff. All right. So who is twenty year old techy? Techy? Who appears in line for eighty to eighty five thousand dollar a year job created by the sheriff as the chief of stiff Ted Chisholm was listed on campaign. Staff of Lucas campaign reports and was paid four thousand dollars last year. Let's see he ended up running the campaign said one democratic insider, the democratic insider described Ted Chisholm as a courthouse rat who was very politically politically smart young, man. I think by courthouse rat they need like gym rat like hangs around the courthouse. He has been involved in several other campaigns, including one for a Ramsey county sheriff's candidate Minnesota. The insider noted the Ted Chisholm lacks a college degree. He is currently a junior at Macalester college in Saint Paul majoring in religious studies. That sounds like we want on the sheriff's department. I'm actively engaged in progressive, politics and criminal Justice policy. Touches them said John Chisholm was a strong supporter of Lucas that not everybody at the courthouse is to the by story is thrilled with the move a second democratic inside or accused Lucas of engaging in Chicago style politics by appointing someone barely out of his teens to a leadership position of a law enforcement agency. It's hard to say, we're Clooney is a men's and the nepotism begins at cetera et cetera. And then it goes on somebody else's for all of Lucas's complaints about David Clark's management style. He never wastes taxpayer dollars on a partisan campaign aide. Pretentious. And Peterson said he wouldn't have his new position if he had any other last name, all right. This is it's just it is a mind boggling thing now think about this here, you have the new sheriff who's coming in with this idea that well, David Clarke rate at all these problems in here, I'm going to clean this up, and we're going to get rid of cronyism, and we'll get rid of politics etcetera etcetera. So the first thing you do is in a law enforcement agency, you hire a twenty year old kid who doesn't even have a college degree to be your chief of staff a guy who I am willing to stand corrected. But I think in Wisconsin, you need to be twenty one years old to be sworn law enforcement agency agent officer. So you're bringing in somebody who couldn't even believe not even old enough to serve as a deputy sheriff. But you're going to bring him in. You're gonna pay an eighty five thousand dollars a year in tax payer dollars. Look, let's cut through this all first of all this kid wouldn't be getting this job. If he was not the son of. The district attorney John that's number one number two. He would. I mean, I don't know. And they say it's hard to stay where cronyism let's off and nepotism kicks in. I don't know if it's nepotism. I don't know if it's cronyism, but it just absolutely stinks to high heaven. It's this isn't Republican and democrat this isn't conservative. This isn't liberal. This is what could the sheriff possibly be thinking. I mean, if he wants to plan his next political campaign wherever it's going to be God blessed. No problem with that. If he wants to have a kid political adviser working for him planning, those political campaigns. God bless them. But then then you pay for it out of campaign funds. You don't take eighty or eighty five thousand dollars and bring somebody into a law enforcement situation who is purely purely completely and totally a political operative the optics. It's not just the optics that are. Bad everything is bad about this. Like, I say there's been a number of appointments. That's new sheriff is made. I think raising lots of people's eyebrows. And you do get the idea that he surrounding himself with a lot of people probably are qualified and would fall in the category of crony. But putting that aside this one has gotta be the worst twenty year old guy. Not he's still in college who studying for religion, and you're gonna put him in and give him an eighty or eighty five thousand dollars a year if the store job, it's the story is right to be your chief of staff. You would hope you would have hoped that better know, the new sheriff would have had better judgment and would have recognized that, you know, this is just there's all sorts of different people. I could choose maybe this is one where you're you know, you bring in somebody who has at least some law enforcement experience, and you work it out. I don't think you've heard the end of this again, I Dan by says the story it s online. I tweeted. It it out as well. You can follow me. But this is this is awful. It really is. And I understand Milwaukee county is a cesspool of Clooney ISM and bad decisions. And things like that. It is unfortunate that the new sheriff is decided to jump into this cesspool with both feet for everybody. Who says well, you know, we hated it with Donald Trump said clean. We got a drain the swamp. Well, apparently, the the new sheriff, he's not about draining swamp. He's about you know, just wallowing in his own cesspool twelve fifty five Jeff Wagner. UTM J.

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