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Up with a momma's questions if you have some help this summer apparently i know who helped her she's a horrible let me losing her touch outsourcing i mean where should ever outsource she's busy she has a baby cupcake she's busy i understand this but i'm just saying now outsourcing oh my nor him just just being a dick all right news dot net dot com and we're gonna get the impact news out of the way i because it's our only impact story and it makes sense to so la drake has officially resigned with impact wrestling so congratulations to him he's gonna be staying on the yeah dummy dummy yeah oh it's been a here dummy yeah off asked you have queued up like it's really scary that you had that queued up a moon worried folder in the folder when awfully all right attention now i anything else before i move on there you know i have nothing planned it's right i'm just folder simple knees he has okay to sidetrack as we do on this show especially in the news he has the mystery folder of sounds he does have an actual literal soundboard that he has so much in there i don't even think you know what you have in there anymore older folders and folders places though i don't know what i have any more hits he has at least ten years worth of wti are stuff of cb radio stuff of six years of this show wrestling clips sound effects bumpers unique name it it's it's in that folder i mean there's it's a literal treasure trove of stuff it's it's kind of awesome and it's really scary what he finds at sometimes moon before he clicks anything else maybe back to the news who's announced this week that the deal see for wbz to kane nineteen will be none other than ramos stereo young room one of the deals econtent preorder deals coming for w k nineteen ville on october if you were to deluxe version or tober ninth for the regular version cool fused of the game commercial on night was cool and the other details i can cycles nothing's been nounce so yeah but yeah it was a really cool way to debut him in the game and i really liked how they did the commercial very well done very nice also i really liked how the did the extreme rightwinger chal that's kinda cute too if you haven't seen it it's it's really kind of cute how they did it so get samborn out blame brands loose it's this week's injury round kind of random blame brench this week and he blamed printed himself the first one is only logan where it's he's the orbital bone yeah urban bone hashtag blame brent and what's really disturbing about owning larkin is apparently he was a good tell anybody that his face was broken and somebody knocked on him that his face with broken me he told people but he wasn't like they weren't telling people until told it to it was doing cyber that got story and he's on twitter who suits me and then there's there's someone else went who's to if you stooge dona larkin please please stand up and then run because he's probably gonna kick your ass and then last but not least shinsegei nakimora from a police dog bite hashtag blame brent he got bit by police dog at nerina in the leg is apparently severe enough that they are holding him from wrestling he may even miss japan tour because of this fight which would be very unfortunate for him because i.

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