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The threes. Kevin, Of course, that Cape traffic, not really letting up right now I know it's you know, some areas of the caper getting better. Others not so much Route six West found Not too bad now. Couple break lights after Exit 10 in Harwich and then again after exit seven that your meth stretch Then you got your heavier slowdowns between or just before Exit six on over towards Exit five in Barnstable, and now you're jammed for just about five miles on the brakes before exit to heading over to the sag. More bridge. Not too bad over Route 28. You got a little hang up here heading into the born rotary wants to get on the bridge. You're looking pretty good. Heading off Cape over in Middleborough for 95 South bound. You got to slow down to the work zone here between exits four and three in that middle borough area. Ruth Threes and ice ride between Plymouth and Braintree. No troubles over on 24 or 95 in the expressway wide open, both directions out to the West route to 90 westbound here and Worcester. You got slowdowns heading into the roadwork That's got just the left lane getting by before 1 90 This report is sponsored by Rocket mortgage by Quicken loans get personalized loan options, closing costs and tax estimates all in real time when you need your mortgage to fit your family your budget and can help you plan with certainty. Rocket can rocket mortgage by quicken loans. Kevin Brennan. W P. Z's traffic All the three Let's check the four day W B Z ack, you weather forecaster being stuck in those clouds all morning. We're starting to see skies brighten up and that will continue as we go through the afternoon with maybe the exception right along the South Coast.

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