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Broadcasting from the Mercedes man cave here. He is joined by the Ford, Dan nuts. It's Dan Patrick. It's the final hour on this Tuesday. Dan in the Dench, Dan Patrick show. Spend a lot of time talking about LeBron and the Lakers the immediate future. The immediate future. Not good make gonna make the playoffs. Then what happens in the Aussies new coach new roster any other big names coming to town. If your a potential free agent looking at LeBron James and sitting out for eighteen games. Do you start to look and go man, I wonder if this is just the start of the end here with LeBron? Now, I'm not saying let's draw the curtains on his career, but just Kobe at a similar age had the achilles tear players and the LeBron is two years older body wise than his age. So he's thirty four he's really thirty six because he's played two seasons of playoff basketball and might even feel a little older than that. Because playoff basketball doesn't count as one game. Maybe one and a half games with the intensity there. But you know, LeBron coming back and now can you right? The ship and the final twenty five games of the season. Bill Plachy said, it doesn't matter. He doesn't think lukewarm even they make the playoffs. Luke, Walton not to be back as the head coach. And then who can you bring in? As the ship sailed on. Anthony Davis Plaski said he doesn't see Anthony Davis plan for the Lakers. So it's going to be an entertaining summer. We always look ahead to the next season. That's what we do in the NBA. It's okay. Well, where's Kevin Durant? We started the season with well. Where's Kevin Durant? Gonna be member. You had the blow up. Golden state. You had the Draymond green challenging Kevin Durant. Are you all in are you with us? We're then started look to well where could Kevin Durant end. Oh, Kyrie Irving may not resign with Boston. Who's gonna get Zion? Williamson. Yup. Loan, but is that mostly because the results of the season is not in question. The Golden State Warriors are gonna cruise to a title. I don't would anybody take the field would anybody? If it was even say, you had a thousand dollars on the table. Well, do I get Ajit a thousand dollars? You get the on. How many teams are the thirty two. Well, if you give me you give me like ten to one odds you mean five to one onto I'll take the field. So for thousand dollars ten to one though, I still take Golden State. I think well, but I if I'm going to try to win money. Yeah. It's a smart bet. Yeah. Because I might be betting thousand to win five hundred or three hundred. But if I'm betting thousand ten to one that somebody else could be Golden State. I take it. But I wouldn't believe that somebody's going to be able to beat them four games. But we do look ahead to next season. And I'm sure that next season. We'll look ahead to next season that season after that. But were already wondering, okay where design on? And the reason why I look ahead for you know, for a couple of reasons in Pauley points out one that's very valid. It feels like it's a foregone conclusion Golden State's going to win again. It'd be a great surprise if they didn't. But if feels like there's a foregone conclusion, we know how this ends. The question is is Kevin Durant. The finals MVP again. And then who gets who wins the lottery because I do think if the Knicks win the lottery. Now, all of a sudden, I think you get a little more attention. If you're a free agent looking at the Knicks and the possibility of bringing the Knicks back reminds me of when I did an interview with Curt Schilling, and I was asking him about why he was going to Boston. And he said if you bring a title to Boston, they'll build a statue. You're going to do something that hasn't been done..

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