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And your next question is on KCRW I'm having climb and host this holiday season up your kitchen game with a collection of exclusive recipes and instructional cooking guy from New York times cooking it's free when you support your W. during the season of giving them a good case here W. dot com slash showing and get cooking KCRW sponsors include Hulu presenting the limited series the catch twenty two a six part adaptation of the seminal the novel starring Christopher Abbott Kyle Chandler to and George Clooney catch twenty two now streaming at Hulu awards dot com awards eligible well as I mentioned KCRW's all my colleagues here on the music team so the kiss your W. we sat together and sort of mapped out and argued about and did some deep dives into the best releases of twenty nineteen and are now posted online a case here to be dot com you can find on the front page there just to look for the bestest our favorite releases of twenty nineteen on the well not only did we come up with a collective list that we all felt like where the top records of the year and the top ten of the decade but each of us put together are individualists as well one of the albums it turned up in my individual this was a an artist by the name of crane like the bird it's Kyle cranes project he was just a you know doing doing some drummer can a jazz band somewhere in the silver they carry a Los Angeles and he noticed a guy can keep in keep in I am sitting in the front row sitting on the side of the room but in the front row and kind of watching him and he come you know here and come here the band every.

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