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Dennis Prager here male female our marriage versus living together some pretty powerful point survive basin that you heard from this comedian and that you people made in that Alan Estrin money producer made the difference between living together and marriage is awesome I got a challenge here and I'm gonna take it Nora in Redondo Beach California high hi let me say that my husband and I both of your shell and listen to it all the time but what I was listening to you talk about marriage versus living together and all the advantages how do you reconcile that with here feeling of denying marriage to same sex couples hi thing right now I totally got it hi hi are you take positions knowing the downside of my position I I don't deny the pool all the legitimate arguments of those who differ from me are legitimate it is a legitimate argument that it is better for gay people to marry and to live together that that is a legitimate argument for them but I have other questions in life what is good for society and while the with that can be argued that's good for society costs more stability I acknowledge all of that never the less I would I'm still not prepared to redefine marriage to include members of the same sex marriage is a special word I will I will I would have given all sorts of of rights of commitment and the like and the the most marital or even all marital rights but I would not change the definition because it helps about two percent of the population there may be three percent who are gay but the great majority of cases all merry so it's a very small number of people and everything I predicted came true and I'll give you one example the argument for same sex marriage laws gender doesn't matter right now what are we living through if the day after same sex marriage was voted in by one vote of the Supreme Court the LGBTQ community announced but there was no such thing as gender one follow the other like night follows day so that's the that is my argument and I get my values in my case I do I'm a religious Jew I get my values from my Bible and it recognizes marriages between a man and a woman I don't get my values from my heart I admit it so does that answer you answer me that I guess I just wanted you to kind of think about that while you were talking about thinking all the time some of my best friends are merry goodies I totally think about it and it's it's I have with the ever wonderful relationship with them I mean heartfelt loving relationship and in the middle and they respected I respect their decision to marry and they respect my opposition based on the the religious values that I hold and I'd live with the knowledge that there is a downside there is a downside to almost every position human takes nothing is free everything comes at a cost all right I really appreciate the call Johnny in point a California high hello your show band thank you I think thank you the C. like social good yeah thank you Sir your your big inspirational are listening to every single day all three hours every day thank you Sir appreciate it glad you do our yeah well you're talking about the murder to the store for Barker ranch and my Leri we've been together for over ten years we're not married well you know I I got no problem it'll be in the way we are zero right personally we go somewhere we do work or whatever yeah sure yeah she's you know she's not she's my wife well I don't understand why we why would you say she's your wife and did not marry her well you've been divorced I've been divorced and I don't know we just never really came across which you should what my best friend you know she's she's she's my best friend it all she wanted to she want to marry you you know she does only way you know what okay did you make making my argument is that the they were best friends the she want to marry you I don't know question are you would think that if your best friends you might discuss it yeah this is the who Johnny I love you and you're fooling yourself I call or my wife but she's not the she want to marry you I don't know I'm a guy I suspect she wants to marry you I suspect you should and you know the difference because that's what you call your wife and when you do get married because I think this conversation will have affected journey I want to know I want to know that you are no one else on the radio that was let's special Rick Crown Point Indiana thanks for taking my call big band thank you I just want to start by saying I do agree with you especially now that I have two daughters aged twenty one twenty two but if I could make a case for the other side before I met my wife I was dating somebody else and we did look together and thank god we did because I learned real quick and it wasn't a good match yes let me let me respond to that I'm I'm glad you learned it obviously better to break up before marriage that and.

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