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Texas wants to be balanced, so they wanna be somewhat predictable in the past one ratio. USC played much more aggressive football against Stanford. Then they did the week before. So I think this defense has a chance to really be one of the better detentions in the country as I think Texas can be also. So I think the two defenses are going to be the leaders in this game, Texas has two young receivers Johnson and Humphrey who are who are really think. Guys. They look like an MBA small forwards, and they could be very dangerous USC a lot of the talk coming into the. This week. We'll stay with Texas was Tom Herman and whether or not he needs a statement win like this tonight. Texas has not been a ranked team at home since Baylor was ranked number eight in two thousand sixteen obviously went seven and six last year the one and one start this year the disappointing opener against Maryland. They're up twenty one nothing at halftime last week here at home against Tulsa, ended up only winning that one by seven you talked about it a little bit in the pre game. Not a lot of pressure. You don't think on Tom hermit? But of course, a win tonight would go a long way for him. Oh, it gets started. I think he wants to get something to jump jumpstart this program of his it's going to be a successful program. There's no question it's just stalled out of the gate somewhat. I think they will find they will find that combination of things that allows. Announcement last year three very close losses against ranked teams protects us obviously against fourth ranked USC or the double overtime loss. We were here last year for the loss in overtime against number ten Oklahoma state thirteen ten and then in against Oklahoma was ranked talk time of five point loss. What will it take for this team to get over that help it finally win one of these close games against ranked opponents? Well, I take you need to play defense you need to keep the score down. You can't let the other guys score. And they need to make some big plays offense. I think he's two receivers gives them the opportunity to make the big plays down the one six five six four bolts, look like they can jump and it's you get the ball deep. Man to man coverage get the ball D. So I think they're going to try to strike on second down little Jordan Humphrey and Colin Johnson, the two year alluding to of course, as Texas takes the field down to. All right. We'll be on the field in just a moment. San etlinger quarterback for Texas in his true sophomore season started last year really burst onto the scene in that game at the Coliseum Coliseum early last year. What's the key for him tonight? He's had some trouble with turnovers when he's been on the inconsistent end of his play. What do we want to see from him tonight? Well, the same thing we talked about with Daniels from USC give him some easy things. Let him get started to where he takes the game as fun. Don't don't put him on those third and twelve and say, hey did us a firsthand that that's hard to do. So if they get if they get what they want from down a distance situation where he can run the plash pass throw on early downs. That's that's important for last week. I told a etlinger twenty one of twenty seven two hundred thirty seven yards two touchdowns, and he said a career high for completion percentage in a game at seventy seven percent. He also added a rushing touchdown as well. You look at his switch that fourth quarter against Maryland in the opener. He was nine of seventeen for seventy two yards and two interceptions in the other seven quarters this season thirty three or forty nine over four hundred yards four touchdowns and no interceptions. He will have to play behind a banged up offense at lines act shackle further Remington award watchlist number is out again this week with a foot injury. So.

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