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And more cure on van. What's going on? Hey, thanks for taking my call. Well, thanks for making the call being part of the program. What's going on? Comment on the skin, and you know, a big Yankee fan here. But you know, what we see from these guys like our show DJ LeMay, Hugh, Luke, ROY, you know, who is survived all of the Anders even the bird NY thirty three supporters who think that you know, eventually that guy's got our rear his head and stay healthy. The Yankees are playing with heart. And that's why they're winning games. They are you know, they're not superstars. But like, you know, we saw a Tripoli team win the AAA championship. Not so long ago. And then when I looked at the top one hundred prospects listed here. I didn't see too many which doesn't make a lot of sense to me you're seeing now you're seeing some real baseball players. Some guys you have have heart, and and gumption, you know, the last time you heard that word. He I'm not even sure I knew what that means. But. We got a good group of guys that are having fun at going out there and getting the job done it next, man. And it's really refreshing to see well, I can totally understand. And I mean, this was such an ugly game, and it would have been ugly or a course for Yankee fans. Make no mistake. And I mean there were so many mistakes in this game. It was as sloppy as the weather and a I mean mistakes over the place and base running and getting you know, picked off and double dog, and you name it. And it just was not very Chris. But who cares? If the Yankees are going to come out and win the baseball game, which is actually what they did. And of course, if you were like, Tino, one of the one of the intimate gathering. I don't think we would call it a crowd at the very end. I think more an intimate gathering. And again, you know, the cliche a lot of vans their guys to semi seeds. But if you were there like Tina was it was worth you while in the meantime, going on in and we have a line open, of course. And why not because let's face it. I'm sure that if you were at the baseball game, you wanna get yourself and get yourself to sleep a little bit later this in the evening than than you would expect for a six thirty start. And and of course, turned out to be okay. For the Yankees, not turning out to be okay. What else is new for the New York Metropolitans, and they are trailing in this game by the score of five to two they have a man on nobody out Resor, yo at the plate top of the seventh inning and not a very good night for Syndergaard. When the Harris Allen was just in here. Doing his last update he says on the way out to me. Where was the Syndergaard? We saw on his last night. And of course, his last start a one man show with the complete game. And what was it three or four hits allowed one? Another hit a home run to win the game tonight. These given up to overruns and the Mets started off with two runs in the first inning McNeil. And I mean, he won so to die for make no mistake, you know, from that McNeil with a double N Resor a-, if you believe getting base it to make a one to nothing canot has had a good night offensively. And who is that thirty six year old second baseman, and he's had a couple of doubles. He has three hits in the game. And after Resor ios singled home McNeil who led off the game with the double to make it one to nothing. I canno- or the ground rule. Double close to hitting one out put runners on second and third and course. We saw the Metropolitans with obey set with the make to make a tutor nothing. And then Conforto. A you know, he's struggling as that to light of word is that being too diplomatic. Is that being too tactful to talk about Conforto? Remember what Maggie said on the three amigos program during the afternoon. It was yesterday. How about Conforto stepping up and doing something like what the head to win a game that, you know, something, but no with Verson third, nobody out east rock out and Rama's grounded out, and and Nimmo did produce what the noun and nemo I think is over twenty seven over twenty eight or is it for two hundred and twenty eight I can't tell the difference. And so the Mets themselves with the tutor nothing lead at the end of a one half inning. And of course in the bottom of the first inning, San Diego cut that leading have Ha's Mer with an out creating a run after Ray ascend Machado had gotten on in the top of the second inning. Syndergaard the metro own invested or along with Wheeler and Graham, Syndergaard gotta Basit and McNeil was hit. It by Pige, and then synagogue got himself picked off what is he doing? I mean, he's got a do a little bit better with the vase running any should know from being on the basis of what to do on the basis into gets on nobody else does. But if you're a venture for the New York Mets, you get on and the top of the third inning Frazier grow that I would the basis loaded anybody's surprised in the bottom of the third inning raise with a home run to tie the game for San Diego at two and what happened in the top of the fourth inning. The Mench responded with going down in order one two three in the bottom of the fourth inning run fro a double. And I love what Gary Cohn had to say about the France homerun. He that ball halfway to Belgium wants what does he mean by that? And so France with the home run to make it four to two and then bowl. Wedding going through knows legs and another run came in. So it's five to two and EA go, and it's the same old Mets. And and it's reminding everybody of twenty eighteen all right? No in the one eight seven seven three three seven six six six. Pat is calling from Norwalk and Pat is going to admit publicly without embarrassment. Thank you that. He was at the entire game. Pat, you're on the fan was happening. But you just getting off the Yankee clipper coming back to Connecticut here and then driving home quiet dark streets in Connecticut on the way home. And good for you. If I was Chris Carlin, and Maggie and barred I'd give you a shirt. You know, it was really good out there. You know, I got a little Caesar ticket plant tonight by games. My brother down we've got a little seed over to twenty four. We moved down. And we're saying like in behind a Yankee dugout where they make you stand. You get down to the field level. I really want to say thank you to usher there because going into the bottom of the night he looks over. And he looked at me and my business go down there. He goes down to the last. Down. And we went right down to the moat area there. Right. You know, right down to that level. But her, and it was great, you know, to get down near nowadays in new stadiums. Not as easy as it used to be Neil beige. Right. But then the next citing ninth inning like that. It was really great. I mean, you show you just gotta give the dike credit. That's what these people. Keep accomplishing the Yankees is out of a mind. I mean, he is blasted it and be up it. No. It is remarkable. And in again, you know, if if Andrew Har, you know, looks like as often Morris love, of course, he was hurting mistime. However, he's not hitting or show is not only defending with the club. But hitting I mean, this is a great problem for the Yankees. Have. We know that Andrew Harkin hit buddies not hitting and if you had to make a choice right now between the two of your sticking with her. Show on. Down. I mean, we're sitting over there and that second level above the third base bag, and even though a shell made the one era he made a couple of picks. I mean that one short hop guy out at the plate and another one to start to play. I mean, I'm sitting there going on. I said to my brother, maybe we'll get to see you shell and make a couple of good place here, and he did not disappoint. You know? He he made a couple of picks even era wasn't good. But I'm just like this guy is good. Oh, yeah. No. He is. And there's an thanks, Pat. A lot of four your call. I mean, there's something to be said for somebody who wants the name to be heard and the name to be made. And let me show you what I can do on hungry. I wanna play major league baseball wanna make a career out of it. I'm hungry. I'm determined motivated of a self starter. This is what I'm I I know I can do and I'm going to show everybody. And that's what you getting from the TAC, men's that's what you're getting from our Chela. And what was it a night ago is rutta in sterling on the way home and next hit so homerun, and we'll all live to see it. But the bottom line is if Estrada next hits a home run, I wanna hear sterling say and so with that home run. Let's raise the glass and toast us run with a Pena colada, and I give credit to call her for west night. Okay. With that one. And that caller and myself give sterling the okay to use that the next time Estrada hits one out Philip is calling from free port and Philip you're on the fan of new accent? What's going on fellow? Call. And of course, thanks for making. What can you say? Even when the team won twenty one games to think that this team with all this adversity. All the injuries. To me, you know, 'cause I'm the smartest coal that golden station close together. If somebody is me. Really, you know, I'd say no ways going to be a disaster. They'll be in last place. You'll see out booby terrible. He won't be landed about what Cashman did all these people all these kids. He has you know puck there AAA we traded for what's interesting is when these guys start this strike out again, you know, Stanton does this. And really no I mean who needs them out Phillip by after run. But you you make your points, of course, now or I listen, no from the one eight seven seven three three seven six six six six number to call now flash..

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