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Myself. I think he's doing the best way. He tried to the best for united states he he got an old. He got an who i am festival. He got an i am for you. He's doing to his jami hub for me. Heart worked for me hard fissile. He got a thing about his county. Not three then had to go. He was heading to pray at a mosque nearby it close to the beach here and the border fence a bit of peace and comfort with so much uncertainty head for the world monica campbell. Do you wanna the protests in hong kong not letting up in fact. They're only getting more intense. They began back in june but in recent days there have been more scenes in the chinese territory of clashes clashes between protesters and police lots of tear gas and even some fires earlier today i spoke with the b._b._c.'s danny vincent while he was on the streets of hong kong from some of the pictures. We've been seeing on twitter danny. It makes it look like there's mayhem are are you sensing that. The protesters are getting more aggressive in their tactics as well as authorities pushing back. That's why the processes actually gets to be more aggressive. Receding more sophisticated weapons now originally purposely turning tight umbrellas to these protests in that be relatively defensive now these brennan a used as a way to attack also saying protestors smashing breaks and swear at the place many processes seemed very comfortable with that level of violence but other protesters this violence even father other willing to set fires once they've built some barricades to try to hold the spiked so these protesters that becoming increasingly auden's let becoming more militants how much of the city has been caught up in all of this is it i'm kind of isolated to one part of the territory and it's kind of business as usual and much of you've the rest of hong kong now there are many phone call affected by these protest movements but they have deliberately targeted different areas and its allies people especially people that local communities to come out onto the streets but we have seen today is that the purchase code for a general strike many the industry supported the process and decided not to go to work but they also tried to force a strike for people that had chosen to take all and i did that by train n._c..

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