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Mass have to self pay Bryant after the split northbound is slow east Milton up past upon that circle it's wide open up towards the tunnel miking WBZ's traffic on the three X. cloudy damp night those patches of fog will also be some drizzle around temperatures about forty to downtown mid thirties in many of the suburbs are many cloudy tomorrow occasional rain and drizzle high forty inland forty six downtown departures will be the low forties tomorrow night for the patriots playoff game in Foxborough than by Sunday we've got temperatures that'll be cooling down and that'll bring in some snow or flurries especially the morning some places could pick up a coating to an inch some slick conditions specially lotus governors fall two thirty about thirty six downtown on Sunday and then partly sunny Monday a high of forty two it is fifty degrees right now in Boston climate activists temporarily stop a train carrying coal to bow New Hampshire WBZ's general hostels as they did it by building a scaffolding on the track in central Massachusetts town of Harvard climate activists went to work late last night building the scaffolding on the track three stories high can't afford with the group no call no gas joined about twenty of our friends to protest demanding that the coal fired plant in bow New Hampshire to be shut down call the train well in advance and said that there is a structure and on the track to stop the train and they get please try negotiating with the four remaining protesters on the scaffolding but eventually removed and arrested them but the group will be back depends on how quickly stops being used the train did eventually.

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