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Benefits callers will contact a license insurance agent Eddie Health Ah, broker offering plans from various insurance company's benefits and coverage not available in all areas. NEWS Radio 1000 OK A M and K x x Y. FM 96.18 To Oklahoma City. Ah, ah, huge blow to people in Cushing, the simmer on correctional facility and Cushing is closing for good. It's where 290 people work. Horsedick says it's closing the prison to help the Oklahoma Department of Corrections with a budget shortfall the D. O. C. Those says it's offering to decrease beds in each of the states three private prisons across the board to try to keep the prison open. But it says corset Vic chose to close the 1600 bed prison and Cushing inmates will now be transferred to other prisons course. Civic says employees will be offered opportunities to transfer to other course, evict facilities and will be provided access to community employment resource is Four members of governor Kevin State Security team are in quarantine for covert 19 Brian Gan reports. The governor announced earlier this week that he had tested positive for Koven, 19 and was in quarantine at home. Three troopers had direct contact with it, and the fourth has had symptoms of the virus. Also under quarantine. Now our lieutenant governor Matt Panella, and some members of ST Stand, Fidel says he has not had any Kurono various symptoms. House Democratic leader Emily Virgin says it's time for governor stick to stop talking about leadership. Actually show some she's calling on the governor to implement a statewide mask policy like more than half of all other states in the country. Virgin says governors did talks about avoiding another shutdown, but his policy continues to move us closer and closer in that direction. Oklahoma is one of 18 so called Red Zone states, where the White House Corona Virus Task force is recommending that reopening measures be rolled back because of surging Corona virus cases. In an unpublished report, dated July 14th obtained by the Center for Public Integrity, the task force recommends that residents in red Zone states be required to wear masks and bars and Jim should be closed. It also recommends limiting social gatherings to 10 people or fewer. I'm Marco Moreno. In other news, the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission says it helped more than 6200 Oklahoma and receive jobless benefits during the recent in person events in Midwest City until PSA it's adding tomb or events next Wednesday and Thursday at the Tulsa Fairgrounds. The agency says it's paid out more than $2.4 billion unemployment benefits since the beginning of the Corona virus pandemic in March. A second suspect has pled guilty to murder charges in the death of a Comanche county man last year, authorities say 19 year old Devon Cannon was sentenced to 30 years in prison after pleading guilty to second degree murder for his role in the death of 26 year old Nathan Morrow. Authorities say Mara was shot almost two dozen times at an apartment complex in cash, 19 year old Breeland Johnson was sentenced last month. A life in prison after pleading guilty to first degree murder and a hearing is set for Monday for David, where the man accused of killing one tells a police officer and critically injuring another during a traffic stop. I'm Marco Moreno. Hey, there Oklahoma City. It is going to be a hot one. For our Friday, jumping to the mid nineties of the heat index between 101 05 will have a breezy south wind and mostly sunny to partly cloudy.

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