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Because why wouldn't you do that because you're part of that process itself when you when you don't get excited about it you're actually lowering all other aspects of your life your your physical your financial your relationship everything because everything's connected zemlikhan sense in so i get what he's saying but when i can say in the meantime is until you can get assistant higher is start getting get excited about it because eventually you will have an assistant be like okay. You know what. I'm part of this process. I need to do this. I need to clean the toilets. I need to do it all. It's okay. I need to get excited about it because i'm excited about my life in the all areas of abundance events. Y'all have somebody doing this for me but enjoy it why it is because when you have the higher frequency of enjoyment in that one area that you didn't like what you'll notice is that you're going to be a happier person in all the other areas and they'll shine especially with your relationships with spouse and stuff like that and yourself absolutely out outlook on everything so i one hundred percent agree with it. Yeah attitude totally attitude. So i think this is a good spot to take a break. We'll get back wilbur. Really wanted you to get into how utech has helped these financial advisors businesses look legit online. We'll be right back..

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