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Browns this year? I don't expect the falcons and Dan Quinn is the team. I least expect tomorrow of the sixteen to get a win. But boy does the hot seat get hotter. In Atlanta for Dan Quinn. If what happened in the eagles happens to the falcons in front of national TV. Decades, fifty one seven and Matt Ryan and that offense doing nothing Julio's doing nothing. How do you look? Dan, Quinn, the face if you ballitser bullied two years ago and have had red zone off. It's a problem. Since embarrassing loss of the eagles in the playoffs last year on the eagles Super Bowl run. How can that happen? So you take all that new count. It's Matt Patricia. It's Dan Quinn is Jason Garrett. And suddenly we have a big time Thanksgiving Day where somebody's hotseat could get even hotter for me. The guy who who could at least four that situation. Happened is Jason Garrett in Dallas. When will excuses end for Jason Guarany Cowboys? Now. That's it. The eagles stink. They look like they're ready to roll over the giants. Don't be better there. Three seven and asking them less six zero nine seven seems like a really tough asking they played Dallas the last game of the year and Washington lose Alex Mathie roll a quote McCoy, you're if you're Jerry Jones, you cannot look your fan base in the after the season. If as you look back where we are today on Thanksgiving Day. And say Alex Smith is out for the year. We are five and five and we let Colt McCoy win the division. And we did how can Jason Garrett survive. Especially when MRs the game you need to win to swing the entire division and not just win. Tremendous game convincingly short week your building. It's Dallas is Thanksgiving Day tradition Colt McCoy can't come out there and beach you especially thousands defense has played as well it has including late Vandermeesch. Don't be hearing about them Cowboys. But.

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