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You Certified to operate in Virginia by chef It's 708 traffic and weather on the aide, Steve Dresner, in the W T O P Traffic Center and Kyle Good evening will start off in Virginia, the South bound side of 95 police beginning in Newington crawling through Lauren muncher over the Occoquan L passed 11 23. It does look like it does open nicely through Dale City all the way down to the Fredericksburg area. No incidents to report to stall volume at best. No issues on the North bound side express lanes also pointed In the North bound direction. We also were finding volume delays on the eastbound side of 66 inside route 50 temp and the brakes all the way down to the capital Beltway at her loop of the Beltway with long term construction project on the ramp from the outer loop, toe westbound 66. We are seeing delays on that ramp heading to the westbound side again. And traffic ALS A moving very slowly. Fairfax Pike just west of route 5 22. We do have it least Elaine block for ongoing crash activity of closure on the Haymarket area. South bound 15 right near allowed in drive. South Bell lanes are blocked for a multi vehicle accident at last report, Traffic alternating through the North bound lanes. Maryland Montgomery County Silver Spring Area North Bellow, George have any right at the intersection of Aspen. Hill Road. The North bound lanes also blocked for multi vehicle crash traffic is getting buying L it a slow piece over on that South bound side. Keep it moving. Impossible quite on the Beltway in Montgomery County and Prince George's County minor via Italy, South Bound B W Parkway in they do beginning 1 93 through the Beltway. A better ride. Want yourself of Route four. TEM Steve Drugs, new W T o P. Traffic. We've got some snow on the way over nine now to storm team for Mike's Jennifer. Good morning. The entire region will begin in the early morning hours of Sunday for tonight, increasing.

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