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Welcome to the news and why it matters i am at sarah gonzales glenn back what would the top story for you today the truth about what's happening on the border with aol see and i just wanna break this down and tell you what pastors found in the racial camps for ios can stay off a it's it's basically a holiday at this point in our upcoming summer remote so i'm going to indulge in a guilty pleasure of what about ism oh i have mixed feelings on that no i can't i can't wait to hear both were both in vacate yet already were working all weekend some reason stop caring yes while that i really would show me here are on the show today chat prater a deed trending topic of the week on twitter has been hashtag boycott trump's fourth of july which is interesting film and the show is trump's fourth of july is blowing them no i'm i guess i'm a cement on that first we wanna thank our sponsor american financing i know glenn you were really had the teams that could deal with any finance companies but they eventually won over you're heart yeah i didn't they they asked me in two thousand six or seven you remember the students and they came and they were making their suits there were there were like we're rural rural we were good mortgage i'm like but by i'm sure they appreciate that and they were just in my office we've been together now for ten years and i was not interested and they were the why and i said because you're all dirtbags all roping people into loans they shouldn't have again sure they appreciate that out and they were like no were not dirtbag tonight that's exactly what a dirtbag an so a i said call me after the crash and they said we agree with you the crashes coming it's gonna be in the housing market i said call me then afterwards let's see how you did they didn't have any problem in the crash 'cause that's that's not what they do in fact we were just talking about this other day they turn people down and not because they they don't qualifying a turn people down because they're like that's fiscally irresponsible go do that with someone else but not with us and they even have things like you get alone in you'd say i don't want my my bank loan ever sold to wells fargo and.

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