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The victims injuries said to be life threatening police killing the suspect they shot him we get more from the AP's Sarah Bassett the Metropolitan Police force have been quick to declare the violence as terrorism related witnesses have reported seeing the men wearing what looks like a suicide vest cockatoo he is says on police told him to evacuate the scene is like a movie it was so quick and it was like a kind of the attack in the stratum neighborhood marks a departure from recent attacks in the British capital that took place in high profile landmarks in central London two months ago two people was stabbed in London Bridge by a man who had recently been released from prison where he was serving a sixteen year sentence for posting a terror attack Serra basses London a boil water order he issued for the town of Harvard after distracted driver crashes into a fire hydrant near school last night the crash causing the water main break in the parking lot of the Bromfield school the department of public works saying the town's main water tank was empty by the broken may in the department of environmental protection issuing the boil water order residents being asked not to use any of the town's water until further notice as the democratic presidential hopefuls make impressions in Iowa CBS's Steve Bartman breaks down the latest CBS news tractor pull the day before the caucuses the final CBS news battleground tracker shows Joe Biden Bernie Sanders tied for the top spot at twenty five percent the judge has twenty one percent Elizabeth Warren sixteen percent after that there's a big drop off in the clover truck has five percent the way the caucuses work second choices can play key role as candidates below fifteen percent or essentially eliminated and the former vice president may have an edge there he appears to be the second choice for supporters of many of the lower tier candidates Steve Futterman CBS news the morning on CBS's face the nation rotor McDaniel the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee claim president trump will do well against any democratic candidate she also commented that senator Bernie Sanders is gone too far with his suggested policies today the candidates are fanned out across the Hawkeye state I'm Jim chrysalis Atlantic Iowa likely caucus store Pournelle Davis has one specific issue as he considers which democratic presidential candidate to support I haven't heard a lot on the issue of mental health.

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