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Just help slow the spread of the virus stays home as much as possible only go out for essential items washing hands with soap and warm water throughout the day cover your face when you're outside give people a six foot buffer a distance between you and the people around you avoid crowds of any type any kinds and social gatherings yesterday we had seven sons charge broadcasting this information in several different languages throughout the city of Boston we got positive feedback from communities that made a difference but we still know not everyone is getting the message yesterday we had issues at the divine golf course in in in Franklin park in the George Wright golf course in Hyde Park groups of people playing golf even though the the course of the close in one case the Boston police department had to come in tell them to leave they shouldn't have happened they shouldn't need to be you should not be need to be told but we won't hesitate to simply start does it deliver the message if necessary deliver citations we also have people yesterday playing soccer three people doing walking by socializing while you're walking we have people out a lot of people out there because the good weather we we need to stop the spread of the virus and by doing this is not by gathering in social gatherings of socializing it's by staying at home self isolation physical doesn't sing updates on the Boston hope Medical Center at the BCC as of.

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