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Sugar Ray Leonard, Sugar Ray, Professional Boxing discussed on The Art of Charm


Okay. Back to our main event Sugar Ray, Leonard is such a remarkable guy. He's started boxing in nineteen sixty nine and from there. Well, he's sort of never looked back. He kicked off a phenomenal career as an amateur on the nineteen seventy six US Olympic boxing team and later transition into professional boxing where he won world titles in five different weight divisions. Any fought against some of the titans of boxing like Roberto Duran Tommy Hearns at he also fought against the pressures of practically becoming famous overnight at twenty five years old and a personal battle with addiction sugar. Ray Leonard has been out of the ring for twenty years, but he's kept fighting turning his focus towards diabetes, a disease that affects over thirty million Americans and over one million children mostly in low income communities Sugar Ray Leonard's goal is to beat diabetes back with education and research funding through the Sugar Ray, Leonard. Dacian? So we put the study guides away and decided to just riff with sugar about funny, boxing and working his way to the top that sport. And he's gonna talk about the value of being knocked down and the power of surrounding yourself with the right people in your corner. And we're also going to hear how Sugar Ray Leonard was one of the first boxers to orchestrate is own career without a fight promoter and the discipline. He needed to mentally prepare for the brutality of a world championship fight amateur to listen out for sugary asking AJ about his first time in the box ring, and how that went. All right. Johnny domain me. Get my gloves. I don't need all that. Why don't we just drop right in here and talk with Sugar Ray, Leonard about our half marathon training..

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Sugar Ray Leonard, Sugar Ray, Professional Boxing discussed on The Art of Charm

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