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If you remember the fountain of youth, he had run so bad in the breeders cup juvenile, then he came back in the fountain of youth and just never ran a step was beating like 25 links. And he came back and had that decent effort at Ellis didn't run very good at Churchill and then one at Keenan and I hated him that day. I just did not think he was that much. I didn't think it was better than he got up late. He had hard work and win for two to one. But he's two to one again on the morning line and you know he certainly fits on his best day and I wonder if this is an example of me kind of being I don't want to say prejudiced, but against a horse, like I just said it in my mind that like, nope, Dennis moment was a total flash of the pan two year old Romans often to me is not the kind of trainer that will move a horse up later. You know, he's usually better early on having the horse, but there's clearly talent there and the horse is clearly in better form than it was in 2020. Is he two to one better? I don't think so, but you know there's there's not like a ton of town this race endorsed is in here who seems to always take a little bit of money and often shows up. It hasn't won in quite a long time. Wind of change toward the inside for safi Joseph a lot of speed, a horse who hasn't done amazing at Gulfstream. That to me was a little bit of a concern was one for 7 with a couple seconds. But seems to make the lead a lot and then get caught a lot. So just not sure. And has kept pretty solid company, but this is solid company. This is the mystery prospector. And it's funny because this horse actually ran in the other mister prospector at and won the other mister prospector at mama, so looking to sweep the 2021 mister prospectors, even though one's greater than one's not. I'll get a kick out of that. Flapjack shows up in here for Jack sisterson. I thought I kind of liked this horse against Dennis moment two starts back and Dennis moment beat him when he was kind of widely loomed up like he was going to make a big move. But I don't know, Gulfstream is such a funny track too, right? That's another reason I'm kind of against Dennis's moment now. I know like I said this was kind of back when he was in that funk of whatever kind. And so maybe just something to miss, but Gulfstream to me is one of those tracks where a lot of times you'll get horses who just will completely relish it or just won't fire at all. I mean, they just totally no show and I wonder if that's the case with Dennis moment. In a short price, like I'm just never gonna take a horse like that with who I think has questions, but also just I don't think it's that great. I'll see you Monday for the recap show when he wins. We'll talk about it then. I mentioned earlier gold gate fields with a nice card on Saturday, the bear fan stakes the feature event day a field of 13. And I know a lot of folks don't like all weather. That's fine. You don't have to. You don't have to play. There's no rules. But I just thought a contentious group, there's a fair amount of speed. It's a 6 for a long race. You know, you'd think that. I don't know that speed is some necessary weapon at Golden Gate fields. We've talked to a couple of writers who have been based there over the years, and a lot of them say that it's, you know, just getting your horse to relax, whether it's on the lead, whether it's back, that seems to be a big part of the secret for success there because you've seen slow paces and, you know, horses still closing from last and getting up and winning. It's just, it's not, you know, it's just doable. Also, I was kind of intrigued that daffodil sweets in here who's kind of been the queen of emerald downs over the last couple of years is a wickedly fast early type or has been at least on occasion and it seems to have kind of learned to come from off the pace a little bit if need be. And the two local races were in non condition allowance and they weren't great. A second and a fourth, I don't think she's quite at the level of some of these. There's some good horses in here. Tim McKenna has that horse and he also has revelation who's a pretty good turf and synthetic sprinter. Tip top gal quit Miller's horse was kind of the one I liked the most. This horse just seems to relish Golden Gate fields and the all weather 9 for 13 in the exact. It just tends to be forward the place kind of a grinder type. I don't know if the most dependable on the win end, but she just seems to always be right there and with the big field should be at least a decent price. Baltus Baltus has a couple in here. He's got hot he claimed last time, but the other one he's got. I think is probably going to get the most attention, right? Where'd the horse go? Oh, I was thinking a nardini. That's not the vault. Sorry. That's Andy Mathis. Who comes up from del mar, this horse is run at Golden Gate before and as fared very well over the all weather surface and I think a logical logical wind type here, the southern cow horses, they tend to often do pretty well when they come up here. Grants Pass is represented by a square Peggy. Got to give a shout out to the boss. Travis bores, but we had on the show last year, or in the spring, at least. This horse at grant's pass was didn't really fire very much in the stakes races where up there. And then.

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