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Back anything. Stand out to about why. It didn't work out anything you'd do differently. Well we tried to half are just on this. I don't know china have come up. You know when. I got hired I remember thinking. I called still in working with prior to that in use on the first people i called after my family. They offered to me in the senate. I just took the money in football job. I wonder if i made a mistake. Well college the borghese phone. No you didn't make mistakes. Monday football you have to do it and of course you have to and i'm glad that i did say yes in about. I did it when i was hired. Part of what. I was instructed to do was to try to make it more conversational Make it a little lighter. Bring out more. Jon gruden personality that used to see from climate time. Excuse me on that quarterback show that he did Gb camp um when he when he do a half hour every half hour special all the quarterback prospects and they'll get more storytelling. Which is something that. I've done a lot of koch launch Join costs much. More storytelling for the most part people watching don't know much about the players whereas you know when you're watching nfl game. You really don't wanna know tom brady. S a stamp collection. So he'll mitzvah. It's really not a part of presentation so but i think would be totally candid. Jon gruden enjoyed the show. I call this played ninety six wanda blah blah in the loved telestrator and he told me when i got the job. I don't likes to burgess hill. But he so he didn't want the stories and he didn't really want to engage in conversation. There were times when i would ask them questions. Make a point where he didn't respond. And i think it was just because He was so focused on gonna diabetes play in he. He just didn't wanna do it so there were times when i came across it off the awkward awkward as for me. You know. you're standing there next sunday wondering you know if i asked him a question about this is gonna answer it or is he gonna be annoyed that i asked him or so. It wasn't you. It was uncomfortable. The part of you know now the part of the bothered me. Was you know the narrative sunk people in your line works Must have been a little too big for mcdonagh you know. I did the world series. When i was thirty. I don't think anybody thought i was nervous. Out of place. Maybe a few people did and then all of these other events that we talked about It wasn't but i felt like i was nervous in on the old. This is minor football. 'cause you know big gig. I'm not sure i'm capable of this. You know. I think if we had and i get i'm not. This is not meant to be critical. Jon gruden review is great at that aspect of it. What he wanted to do. It's what the producer director you know. That's when you're putting up replace Need to talk about them. no it was. The direction of date chose to go in most of the time. Which i understand you know. John's the analysts. Db's in analyst driven medium. That was his strength. They played the strengths. That made sense..

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