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Whether he can or can't hasn't been the issue they have needed him to run a ball down team store like this you're up by three scores nearly kill you don't you don't need him too much and flips him get him made him his leg come into running bill point no I'll give New England full credit defensively for what they did my point is I'm not gonNA kill Nick Trump for that but the next a safe play in the ends balloon twenty miles per hour and the wind is hitting you around mid drift so yes on paper yes a safe play but you gotta you gotta understand downs distant situations I'm not running that play in that game everything bad can happen with that play so the offense alignment are going to be off late because of the crowd noise so no Freddie shoes and their game plan was totally idiotic so I mean I I just New England I told you and I wouldn't joking fourteen in two and because they don't give away the last game of the season they're gonNA lose one game because no one can be back consistent but I would just like it I'm sorry I just love it if we could see a game where they're pushed by a team that has talent on both sides of the ball even push wants this year by Buffalo Buffalo's a well coached team with a great defense Cleveland the talent coach them but the coaching mismatch was a manute Bol muggsy bogues situation as far as discrepancy there's the maybe Baltimore Baltimore's well coached Baltimore's got solid defense even when I was in played up to its ability and a running game that can do some things but I just WanNa see this patriots team in a game close late we're the other team you mentioned Freddie kids play calling his time out in his challenge management was a high school ish and it's not just the coaching whether affected both teams yesterday the browns had thirteen penalties the Patriots had four it's the players as well that need to watch what they're doing smart ball it's I mean coaches out there doing that but speaking of coaching you have to give a nod to bill bell check in what he's done picking up his three hundredth career win it's unbelievable I remember bell is a D it's a coordinator plan against him I played them six times in Philadelphia Eighty seven we played them twice eighty-eight played them twice would be four times in a row we had amazing game plan going against them and I can't believe that he would change stubborn as he is how he's changed to being more of an offensive minded coach how he's embraced so many let's just say do this Sean mcvay we like him as a coach right yeah let's just say for the next twenty five straight years he wins ten games every single year he's still wouldn't be up to three hundred no that's how good two guys man and it's not lost on me because I do understand that the fundamentals and it's not even close when we compare who's more important robin craft God he drafted Brady in the six round sent a first round pick for Bella check and he is getting every every every bit out belch greatest coach that's ever played the game special teams he's a master we know what he does defensively and him adopting a more pass friendly offense win the league change with the rule changes I mean as you say the key is one of one and to be able to cover his greatness it's been amazing and I'm really glad in how they got him when we talk about these single greatest trades in sports history here about the racial Walker trade deal how Lakers got James Worthy man trey that first round pick bill belichick is the single most influential trade in NFL history. By far I can't even I don't even is the Walker trade second okay hey that led do three super bowls this led to six in counting and unlike a player he coached for thirty years if he wants to they are going to the we we all had them as the ones going into this season but things can happen now I think we all say not things can happen they're going to be one seat they're going to sweep the twenty ten as with Bai's they were going to go through the entire decade of being the one or the two seed every single year Brady's had mvp ears he's had down issues by his standards they've had great offensive weapons they've had these offensive weapons and you mentioned the greatest defense coach one last thing during the broadcast there were like they showed URD may own belichick's son and they said WHO's calling the man I gotta feeling who's WHO's at least drawing up the defenses it's that guy right there who is just every a year reinvents himself he needs to and puts himself puts his team in the best possible position to win a championship they'll sleeves to go out four straight games quarterback Kyle Allen ran into the buzz saw that is the forty niners Defense Panthers backup quarterback threw for just one hundred and fifty yards zero touchdowns three interceptions panthers get blown out fifty one thirteen they fall to four and three on the season after the game head coach Ron Rivera announced about the team's quarterback situation still real questions got a window Daska clearly very pleasant topic around the panthers team there but after what you saw yesterday discount Allen Go back to the bench once Cam Newton is healthy. I don't think that yesterday's indication of Kyle Allen performance overall they gave up six point one yards a carry defensively they give up fifty one points there are a lot of things that went wrong for that team today outside of Kyle Allen and they're in a unique situation where they can take their time on this and and really evaluate whether or not he is the answer moving forward because do next year has very little he doesn't have any guaranteed money so you're going to pick up I think seventeen million dollars in the cap if you decide to move on it gives them some real opportunity to make an informed decision and they should push this as far as they can because even if cam comes back there's no guarantee that he's back and you're going to be able to maintain that status throughout the course of the season so taking as much time as possible to me is the right way to go here you mentioned they did not lose because of Kyle that is correct and just like a couple of those wins they didn't win because of Kyle but the reason this conversation got started was because they had the listening four and a record since CAM got hurt Kyle Allen for the first time this season played an excellent defense and Kyle looked a lot like we thought or at least yeah I thought it would look when he first took over for camp overwhelmed and not yet ready now you're saying if the panthers are going to essentially punt on this season in order to figure out what they have with Kyle and that'd be one path with the defense that yesterday notwithstanding had been playing excellent with a running back then including yesterday continues to play excellent if and when Cam Newton is healthy this is his job and should be his job. I don't like you could see you don't have to Kyle Allen next year you have to see if camps healthy what can he continue the trend he was on the first half of last season can he stay healthy before you make what would be the most monumental decision this franchise has made since they drafted Cam Newton which would be moving on from Cam Newton this off season so the I've been very consistent on this you kyle and has shown that he's not a disaster so you don't have to rush cam back but if cams foot gets close a one hundred percent after dealing with the list frank then you have to put him back in the lineup and see how he does healthy with this defense and this running game I I don't think at any point when I say you're punting on the season by that player in in the game callans on a very good job and the one thing he's done consistently or the one thing they've done consistent since he's played and the idea that that he was it was the main reason why they lost yesterday that's so far from the truth that eighteen played poorly and and I don't think we if CAM news in there he would have had very similar if not worse with that that level of pass rush coming the injury I think it's important for this organization to really understand what they have and if that means pushing cam back another week and another week we'll give him more opportunity to heal and should give them a better opportunity when he come back if he comes back to be successful yeah one thing that they can say in the stretch with cow Allen is that he was more than again manager you could see that they're downfield passing attack it had improved he could drive the ball down the field yes where they went in with McCaffrey yes where they went in with the defense yes they were doing those types of things but to say yesterday that now oh he's just a perennial backup oh he's just a street free agent no also leadership lots of we don't like to give younger guys credit for good leadership because typically a quarterback even though he might be a street free agent this kid's been a leader no matter where he spend because he's been a quarterback and sometime when you take over for a great player Light Cam they become overwhelmed by the situation he wasn't overwhelmed the situation so I think norv Turner Scott Turner they do believe that they do have a good prospect to continue work with but Cam Newton when he's healthy. I don't believe he's going to be healthy this year. I don't know a quarterback yesterday Rogers Breeze Brady that would have been good under the title a pressure that San Francisco and because San Francisco first quarter they had three possessions two times touchdown scored twenty seven points in the first uh who is going to be affected with that type of rush coming at you and you're behind in on the scoreboard Geno so if Cam.

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