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More at n y bg dot org you're listening to wnyc good morning i'm shumita basu in new york officials in hawaii have begun handing out masks to help residents cope with the ash and fumes from the kilowatt volcano bill dorman with hawaii public radio says they've given out about two thousand masks as cracks in the ground keep appearing county civil defense officials reported new fisher opening up in the layla estates area for total of more than twenty and counting several other fishers have been reactivated and volcanic haze remains a health issue for those with respiratory problems ash from volk from the volcano shot thirty thousand feet into the air yesterday scientists at the us geological survey say it was not the powerful some summit eruption that they were warning could occur a new york court says former apprentice contestant summers airbus can proceed with her defamation lawsuit against president trump at least for now a state appeals court yesterday turned down a request by trump's lawyers to delay the case while they appeal a lower court decision several says trump subjected her to unwanted groping and kissing in two thousand seven when trump called her a liar she sued trump's lawyers wanted to freeze the case until an appeals court decides whether a president can be sued in state court yesterday's decision allows their voces lawyers to proceed with demands that the president give a deposition and turnover documents overcast skies in new york it looks like we'll get rain today definitely rain tonight temperatures should stay steady through the day in the mid sixties it's sixty four degrees now in new york at eight thirty three support for npr comes.

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