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Touchdown coming early third early fourth quarter saints with the ball again erupt thirty eight to seven. Thank Tommy eagles thirty seven yard line. But they were facing a fourth and six Sean Payton where the decision to make try for a long field goal or up thirty one points. Just go for it on fourth down. Why not saints? Go for it on fourth down resulting in the backfield. Shotgun snap looks to throw down the right side. Trek? Orleans yards Alvin Kamara streaking down the right sideline. And an absolute laser thrown by troop race. ESPN radio with the call on Sunday. The saints go onto a forty eight to seven rout of the eagles for New Orleans third time they've started nine in one or better. In team history. Sixth game scoring at least forty points this season tied for the most in a season in NFL history. There the fourth team in NFL history to score at least forty five points in three straight games. Forty eight points in their win over the eagles on Sunday Alvin Kamara seventy one yards rushing. Thirty seven yards receiving with that. Touchdown. Mark ingram. Ran sixteen times for one hundred three yards and two rushing touchdowns. Are Diana Rossini caught up with Kamara and Ingram? Mark. I want to start with you. You guys scored a combined points in the last two teams as an office. What are they doing differently than any other team in the league right now? First of all God is good lower man for less Nestle health. Great team. He's the reason we here, but we work in our butts off man, we we own the same pays each day. We go in nobody selfish. We work on the game plan. We executed game plan. We work to be the best we could be every single day, man. So I think that's what we've got going for us. We believe in each other. We trust in each other. We know we do each and every person does their job. We're going to be good. How is this team to never overlook the next point opponent? We've got nine straight wins here in New Orleans for you. The thing that the thing that we're good at is focusing on us. We we worry about the science. That's it. We don't worry about who's on the other side of the ball. So when we when we worry about us, there's nobody could stop. Nice. Graphic candy and go up in the stands was this plan. Describe what you were doing. Dog got his own candy. Candy. Candy outta Camaro? How are we going to get him one? Don't worry about it. About. He got the falcons on Thanksgiving Day. What's the mindset going into this game starting with you worry about the saints? That's it. And prepared. Today. He's the go. Go. We had to rock them bomb as that means you gotta call. Sang this this year. We got a ball may got to..

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