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So far the most prominent version of react vr that you'll find out there is one that we've released as opensource and this is targetting a web browser and those web vr ap is that had talked about just earlier so you can build edge oustrip application entirely react vr deployed to your website and then people regardless of whether it's a twoday display of phone of the our display are going to be able to consume that world that you built and the reason that we targeted the web first for our our initial launch is because that's going to allow developers to get started with very little supporting tech you just need jobs script in a web browser essentially banet allows them to reach the whitest audiences as well because if we limited ourselves just a vr headsets developers are missing out on a huge group of people who want to consume compelling 360 content so by making this available on the web in making it work with your standard 2d browsers in your mobile phone browsers were trying to create the most compelling developing experience for people who want to get started in vr now internally at oculus we actually have a different version of react vr that we use to power a lot of our first party apps my colleague mike armstrong give a talk about this at the react to europe conference is very specific to our our mobile tech stocks which is why it's not public now but it has allowed our teams to move incredibly fast because they get to use web development techniques they get to use the standard react tools that they know and are using under web platforms as well and we had to leverage a bunch of prior knowledge i even got john carr maqutu to tweet about how effective react vr was making teams which was a nice boost for us as a team that.

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