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Many miles must be march? How many miles of march? How many miles must be march Won't come Many miles must be parched. How many? How my muscle We tried many miles. How many? My house This'll world looks like a chain of heavy broken hearts, genes, My brothers and sisters of part thinking after linking clatters to my land. This long Any change broken hearts selfish Patty's one leg in this chain. And he's better jab it at here. Hard brother in sister When you do it's then the Children lose from this long any change broken hearts. It's his mom yet be chain of broken out. It is give me chain of broken hearts. You've got a fan here union before you can get free from this long of each change Brooke in hearts. Here is a link in this chain. Miss Sorrow in trouble and pain. Drive out your fear you will break apart this long. Any change broken hearts? Jealous season link of the worst they were You blister and occurs, Join our union band and bring with your hands. This'll long any change? Broken hearts. It's this long any chain of broken out this'll long Any chain of broken hearts. Got him banned your union before you can get free. Missile, maybe change broken hearts. It's when you are free from this chain. The will come and fill you up again. Sure, while your friends neighbors had a breakaway From this long give me change Broken hearts. It's this long, Eddie Cheever, get out this long. Any cheese from me in our big cat band your union before you can get free from miss long any change. That's great train freight train. So freight train freight train so fun. Please don't dream. Well, I know Yeah. Just very maybe down here. Just that's true place A stone at my head and my knee man, terrible like going to see Fred, Fred, Fred. So Frederick Freight train so please But Well, I want good. A married the key means third time. And if I don't man, WASI married to no wonder around us, young man. Is he on a nice young man? Oh, you are saying you are, huh? Come on, go along with me. Where? The girl.

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