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Lansing residents have been arrested for conspiring to provide material support to ISIS, and according to the department of Justice, moose, avocado mousse, Muhammed avocado mousse and Mohamed Haji were arrested by the FBI terror task force. They are all naturalized US citizens who were born in Kenya. Moose Abikar moose was arrested at the Ford airport in Grand Rapids. He was checking in for a flight to Somalia the indictment alleges the other two men were helping to buy the airline ticket. They drove moose to the airport knowing he was going to join. Isis. The FBI says all three pledged allegiance to ISIS through videos. They recorded and then posted on social media. The charges are punishable by up to twenty years in prison. Three men have been charged with plotting to attack a rural Muslim community and upstate New York. The police chief there in Greece New York Patrick Phelan says to teens and a twenty year old are charged with conspiracy and possession of guns and explosives. They were homemade bombs. With various items black powder. Sales that type of thing inside a container as the government shutdown interest. The second month a report prepared by representatives of FBI agents says the investigators are losing informants who penetrated groups at the center of terror investigations because they are not being paid corespondent. Jessica Schneider reports these agents are also complaining about an impact on MS thirteen gang investigation. MS thirteen gang violence really has been a prime talking point of the president. But now some agents who are tackling this crime from MS thirteen they say, they no longer have the funds to keep these investigations going. Really, it's all documented in a seventy page report that was put forward by the FBI agents association Wall Street's four day positive streak came to an end today at the end of trading. The Dow Jones industrial average was down almost three hundred and two points. A lowered projection for global growth from the International Monetary Fund was enough to give investors reason to be concerned. China's GDP rate for twenty eighteen was six point six percent. It's slowest pace in almost three decades. Jeff mills is co chief investment strategist at PNC financial services. Anything that's going to have a negative impact on global growth is going to be a problem for S and P five hundred earnings and not so great housing report didn't help matters. According to the national association of realtors existing home sales fell ten point three percent for the year. Steve Kastenbaum, New York. A parole probation officer who sued the Michigan department of corrections for sexual harassment has one one point one million dollar award. Shannon woods claimed a coworker would kiss her on the top of her head rubber shoulders. Texter photos of his genitals in settling both the federal. And the state case the department and other defendants admitted no wrong doing authorities say to people have died in separate incidents after being exposed to extreme cold in west Michigan. One was a seventy seven year old leading ten woman who was found in the snow on Monday morning. She apparently fallen while walking to her car the night before the other was a twenty two year old man from Florida. He was found dead in a car that became stuck in a field medal of honor recipient Charles kettles has died he was a car salesman. A number of the city council. But before that he was a daring US army helicopter pilot who saved the lives of dozens of soldiers in the Vietnam war on may fifteenth nineteen sixty seven. Charles kettles, flew his Huey helicopter into the teeth of heavy enemy fire twice to help. Rescue thirty eight soldiers who were trapped on riverbed, but eight others could not be reached kettles went back at third time bullets and mortars flying cuddles recounted to Frank Beckmann. The air force artillery shutdown gunships had gone home. The only thing I really had my favorite. I guess would be the element of surprise kettles repeatedly dipped his helicopter up and down to pick up each one of them in a total of forty four. Soldiers were saved his heroic story will LeMond embodied by comrades who survived. But as President Obama noted at the medal of honor ceremony. They are not the only ones entire family trees made possible by the actions of this one man Charles kettles was Eighty-nine dick Hafner WJR news chair. News time, seven oh five. Let's get a look at the roads. US Twenty-three southbound after Plymouth road crews working declare disabled semi from.

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