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I think channel four has the luxury of not being the BBC. I love the BBC, and I listen to it or watch it far more than I want any other channel. But the fact is that given the BBC's position have given the fact that it is, in a sense a state run and controlled organism even though it manages to run a very, very fine and very objective operation, but I think the glory of channel four in the sense is that it's not the BPC, and that it actually has the opportunity to roam free and make of the world what we can. Although you are governed by the same regulator of court, might be the BBC and channel four. Can you remember a time when journalists came under so much criticism from the public as well as the government? I think there have been many times when it has been tough. I don't think it's gone on for as long as this, but then the pandemic is a very, is in exacerbating factor. But I'm in the times in misses thatchers, period, when there was tremendous warfare with the media. You know, it goes in cycle. I even remember how Wilson complaining about the media. You know, I mean, it's part of the furniture. It's part of the bunch of frankly, if democracy stops complaining about the media, then we've reached a very bad situation. Do you think does cancel culture exist? And do you worry about it if it does? Not so far as terrible news is concerned. I really am not conscious of it at all. Everybody is under pressure one way or another and mainly under pressure to tell the truth, and that our responsibility if we're caught short telling the truth, then we should be culture attention and not repeat it. But the fact is that that doesn't happen very often. People exaggerate the extent to which there is some sort of a battle going on. I don't really think there is. And I guess before we end it, I'm really interested in hearing your take on the health of the news industry right now..

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